Organic Cotton Rounds (80 per Bag): 1 Bag

Organic Cotton Rounds

  • 80 Units
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  • $3.49
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1 Bag

$3.49 ahorre 20%

3 Bags

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Acerca de este producto

When you reach for one of my Premium Personal Care Organic Cotton Rounds, you know what you're not getting.

You're not getting traces of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, dioxins, chlorination by-products, GMO-grown cotton, synthetic fibers, or any of the many potentially toxic chemicals used in the production of regular cosmetic rounds.
Instead, with my Premium Personal Care Organic Cotton Rounds, you get…

  • Only 100% Certified Organic Cotton – A more natural, breathable fiber that may be healthier for your body and the earth.
  • A 1-1/4 inch round that's chlorine- and toxin-free – Helps keep potentially dangerous substances from contacting your skin.
  • An absorbent and soothing touch that's kinder to trees and sensitive skin – Synthetic- and wood pulp-free. Hypoallergenic too.

My Organic Cotton Rounds have a cotton interlace front and back cover sheet and they're embossed for added absorbency power and fiber strength.

They're ideal for polish and makeup removal, skin cleansers, moisturizers, cosmetics, and application of liquids and other treatments.