Ultra Thin Pads with Organic Cotton - Daytime with Wings (10 per Box): 1 Box

Ultra Thin Pads with Organic Cotton - Daytime with Wings

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Today we’re seeing a whole new generation of feminine hygiene pads made from petrochemicals. Most conventional sanitary pads are made from over 90 percent plastic, derived from crude oil, including superabsorbent polyacrylates, polypropylene and polyethylene.

The use of synthetic fibers, plastic-backed panty liners, and contact with toxic chemicals can lead to burning and soreness of delicate tissue in certain individuals, especially if you are susceptible to allergies. Plus, these materials restrict the free flow of air and can trap heat and dampness.

My Ultra Thin Pads with Organic Cotton – Daytime with Wings provide ideal protection for medium flow days and are…

  • Made with a special GOTS certified organic cotton interlace cover sheet over an organic cotton absorbent core with leak control channels
  • Complete with an impermeable, leak protection back layer and wings for added assurance and secure fit
  • Individually wrapped for hygiene and convenience
  • Free of perfumes, chlorine, dioxin, wood fluff pulp, rayon, vicose and other potentially toxic materials
  • Breathable and absorbable without synthetic or genetically engineered materials

Don’t delay. Order today and treat yourself to premium organic and all-cotton feminine hygiene care, for comfort and safer protection.

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    • 02/13/2022
    • M R. Comprador verificado
    • Organic Cotton!

      These are like any other similar pads but made with much better quality materials. I don't have any complaints.

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    • 01/09/2022
    • Desiree T. Comprador verificado
    • I will continue to buy these as they are organic and not made in China. The only issue I have is they aren't for heavy flow and they don't seem to make organic pads for heavy flow. I've had to double up on these.

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