Organic Cotton Tampons - Super (14 per Box): 1 Box

Organic Cotton Tampons - Super

  • 14 Units
  • $7.99
  • $9.99 (Save 20%)
  • May 2026

1 Box

$7.99 Save 20%

3 Boxes

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  • Description

Premium Personal Care Organic Tampons are...

  • Made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton – A more naturally breathable fiber that may be healthier for your body and the earth.
  • Chlorine- and toxin-free – Helps keep potentially dangerous substances from contacting your skin.
  • Synthetic-free – For a softer touch. No "super-absorbent" fibers.
  • Wood Fluff Pulp-free – Breathable yet absorbent. Saves trees, too.
  • Hypoallergenic – Perfume and scent-free.
  • User-Friendly – Soft, rounded petal-shaped tip makes insertion easy and comfortable. Plus, they're individually wrapped.
  • Available in regular and super absorbencies.

And here's one more thing I believe you'll appreciate...

Each tampon has its own "security veil" – a soft, breathable organic cotton cover that provides double insurance against any of the cotton separating from the tampon. Absorbent fibers remain with the tampon, right where you want them!

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    Customer Reviews
    • Customer Reviews


    • Leslie C. Verified Buyer
    • 02/01/2022
    • These are fantastic

      My daughter and I both think these work great! Absorbent with no leaking. Not a fan of the cardboard applicator but nothing enough to keep me from purchasing again.

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    • Sandy L. Verified Buyer
    • 12/25/2021
    • Will not be buying again

      These are extremely large compared to other brands. Cardboard mechanism does not work therefore had to discard some. This needs a lot of improvement. 3 stars because it is organic.

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