Saw Palmetto with Lycopene (30 per bottle): 30-Day Supply

Saw Palmetto with Lycopene

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By age 60, 90 percent of American men may need extra support for prostate health. There's a high likelihood that, as a man, you'll need additional prostate support at some point in your life. That’s why I created Saw Palmetto with Lycopene.

Saw Palmetto with Lycopene, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can help support your prostate and overall health.*

Many producers of saw palmetto extract formulas settle for a gelcap-type delivery system or even a standard run-of-the-mill capsule, but our Saw Palmetto with Lycopene uses a unique delivery system to ensure that you’ll get the most out of both components of the supplement. There’s actually a capsule filled with lycopene inside of a capsule containing saw palmetto.

This affords distinct advantages over traditional saw palmetto supplements, as it:

  • Prevents saw palmetto oil and lycopene nutrients from ‘mixing’ inside the capsule. Without this capsule-in-capsule separation, the pH levels of the lycopene could potentially degrade the saw palmetto prior to you ever taking it.
  • Utilizes series of cutting-edge technology advancements (Fusion Technology) in capsule filling, sealing and final product inspection to deliver unsurpassed high protection and fast release.
  • Delivers a leak-proof and airtight capsule utilizing the extraordinary Licaps® capsule-in-capsule technology.
  • Provides enhanced protection of moisture or oxygen-sensitive active ingredients, using hard, fish gelatin capsules.
  • Optimizes capsule disintegration by way of the Licaps® thin shell, making it ideal for nutrients requiring fast release.

Plus, the saw palmetto berry ingredients used in this formula are grown in the USA and are only harvested when they’re ripe.

See why we believe this is one of the best saw palmetto supplements out there, and order your Saw Palmetto with Lycopene today.

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WARNING: If you have a fish allergy, do not use Dr. Mercola Saw Palmetto with Lycopene.
  • GMO Free
    • We guarantee all of our products to be free of genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Gluten Free
    • We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.
  • Soy Free
    • We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.
Customer Reviews
  • Customer Reviews


  • Joel W. Verified Buyer
  • 10/01/2021
  • Saw Palmetto w/ Lycopene

    Since this product is no longer available on Amazon I tried one of their suggested replacements. Very poor results. Up all night going to the bathroom. So glad to see the product that works still available on Amazon's suggested replacement is going into the trash bin. Stick with the original! jkw

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  • Magdalena S. Verified Buyer
  • 08/24/2021
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  • Magdalena S. Verified Buyer
  • 08/24/2021
  • Very very good .Thank you

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  • Mark S. Verified Buyer
  • 01/07/2021
  • Leaky capsules

    I typically order 3 months worth of Saw Palmetto at a time. On average, I have had approximately 1 in 4 bottles with a leaky capsule. I have had to dump the bottle out onto a paper towel, rub all of them clean, and clear the bottle before putting them back. If any of you have smelled the liquid or had it hit your tongue, it is incredibly disgusting. I will certainly be asking for replacements. Strange that these are the only leaky capsules I get in my orders, even though other supplements use the same sealing technology.

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  • Richard B. Verified Buyer
  • 11/16/2020
  • Quality product

    Have been using this supplement for over 3 months now. There has been a noticeable improvement in urinary flow. I'm now able to completely empty my bladder with that emptied-out feeling. Also eliminated dribbling. Had an issue with a broken capsule(s) in one of the bottles when I received it, and Mercola replaced it immediately with no questions asked. Fantastic customer service!

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  • Luc C. Verified Buyer
  • 07/01/2020
  • Decent

    I have been using this product for nearly two years. A few bottles had to be replace due to leaking capsules. It os disappointing even though I was given replacement and refund.

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