Callous Disregard

Callous Disregard

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Callous Disregard describes how, despite being exposed to the toxic underbelly of institutional and commercial medicine, and the pervasive lies, blatant mischaracterizations, libelous attacks, and virulent strong-arm tactics that he faced daily, Dr. Wakefield never lost sight of the reason why he was fighting back: 

For the children.

Long delayed by a wearisome legal process, Callous Disregard pulls back the curtains for a raw and unobscured look behind this health scandal.

Dr. Wakefield’s account surgically explores how he confronted first a disease and then the entire medical system; one that sought (and still seeks) to deny the resulting disease the evidence confirms – thus leaving millions of children suffering to this very day and a world that is still very much at risk.

Callous Disregard gives you an unparalleled opportunity to see the inner workings of one man’s major struggle against compromise in medicine, corruption of science, and a real and present threat to children in the interests of policy and profit.

  • It is an uncompromising story of how “the system” deals with dissent among its doctors and scientists.
  • In a highly readable and engaging format, Dr. Wakefield unflinchingly provides the facts and a complete explanation of the problem that confronted him and his colleagues fifteen years ago.
  • He does this in a detailed forensic analysis of the lies, obfuscation, cover-up, and dystopian science and medicine that panders to commercial interests at the expense of your children.

Conspiracy—or ruthless pragmatism? You’ll read about the reactions of those forces denying this scandal and come to your own conclusions.

Dr. Wakefield chose, as you have seen but a small glimpse of, what would become a very difficult road.

And, now, he is finally able to share this story with the world…

To say it is an important story, a needed story, is an understatement of heroic proportions.

This often terrifying story is one that affects us all because as Dr. Wakefield says, “If autism does not affect your family now, it will.”

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