Biothin® Metabolic Pre + Post + Probiotics (30 per box): 1 Box

Biothin® Metabolic Pre + Post + Probiotics

5 Billion CFU
  • 30 Packets
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About this item


If you experience occasional gastrointestinal distress, like bloating, excess gas and irregularity, you know that some fiber supplements can make your symptoms worse. Get your gut and metabolic health back on track in just days with our cutting-edge Biothin® Metabolic Pre + Post + Probiotics, a convenient, all-in-one formula that helps properly balance your gut to support metabolic, digestive and immune health. Simply mix this unflavored powder into your favorite beverage, and enjoy the endless benefits of each powerful component.*


  • Biothin® Metabolic Pre + Post + Probiotics is the total package in helping to balance your gut bacteria, or microbiome, to support your immune, metabolic and digestive health while promoting regularity.*
  • Packaged in convenient, on-the-go packets, unflavored Metabolic Pre + Post + Probiotics supplies 5 Billion CFU of probiotics and 4 g of dietary fiber per serving, mixing instantly into any hot or cold, non-carbonated beverage with no change in flavor, texture or aroma.
  • This 3-in-1 supplement includes Organic Sunfiber® Guar Fiber as a soluble and partially hydrolyzed prebiotic fiber to support your digestive function and support regularity, Bacillus subtilis NRRL B-67989, a special spore-forming probiotic to support gut and immune health, and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. Lactis CECT 8145 as a postbiotic to support metabolic health and healthy weight management.*
  • Following Dr. Mercola’s belief in providing the best quality products, this research-backed product is free of GMOs, gluten, magnesium stearate, and artificial flavors and colors.
  • Developed with you in mind, Dr. Mercola’s physician formulated products are only made with ingredients that meet our premium quality standards. Established in 1997, we have been a trusted source in natural health for nearly three decades.