Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Malt Vinegar (16.9 Fl. Oz.): 2 Bottles

Solspring® Malt Vinegar, Biodynamic® Organic

16.90 Fl. Oz.
  • 66 Servings
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2 Bottles

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  • Descripción

When most people hear of malt vinegar, they quickly think of a deliciously rich topping for fish and chips – and for a good reason. In England, for instance, malt vinegar is considered a prized condiment, often generously added to “pub fare,” or as a topping for French fries.

However, more than just a tangy topping or dipping sauce, malt vinegar is also a great complement to a variety of recipes.

Containing just the right amount of acidity (4%) and zero grams of sugar, our exceptional Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Malt Vinegar is:

  • Traditionally crafted using winter barley malt extract sourced from a 100-year-old family-owned distillery in Germany.
  • Aged and fermented into malt vinegar by skilled craftsmen in the Modena province of Italy. The Italian vinegar factory is the only one in the world to hold both distinctive organic and Biodynamic certifications.
  • Perfect as a condiment on traditional culinary dishes, such as fish and chips and roasted potatoes, or for creating sauces and marinades for meats and vegetables.

Demeter Certified Biodynamic® is the soil-first approach to farming that naturally draws carbon from the atmosphere and stores it into the ground, where it belongs, to create richer, more nutrient-dense farmlands and harvests for better food the way nature intended. This self-sustaining cycle creates a diverse and balanced ecosystem, promoting the overall health of crops, animals, people and our planet.

Experience the delightful difference with Solspring® – the authentic food brand that creates access to Biodynamic and organic foods from regenerative farms – and order your Biodynamic® Malt Vinegar today.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this product outside the U.S. and Canada at this time.

Solspring Biodynamic Malt Vinegar Label Snapshot
  • Libre de Soya
    • Nosotros evitamos la soya siempre que nos sea posible, ya que es un producto transgénico y puede ser fatal para las hormonas
  • Orgánico
    • Este producto es certificado orgánico por la USDA. Lo que significa que los ingredientes son cultivados sin el uso de sustancias químicas dañinas, sin OMGs y tampoco contienen ingredientes sintéticos.
  • Demeter
    • Certified Biodynamic
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