Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Tomato Concentrate (7.05 oz. per Jar): 6 Jars

Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Tomato Concentrate

7.05 oz.
  • 36 Servings
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Based on the importance of whenever possible to strive for a higher standard, we’re excited to offer our Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Tomato Concentrate.

Exclusively produced from fresh tomatoes grown on a small biodynamic farm in Northern Italy’s majestic Po Valley, where the climate and soil are ideal for growing top-quality produce, this concentrate contains only 1 gram of natural sugars per serving and provides a thick and rich tomato paste that’s perfect for creating heartier flavors of sauces, stews, beans and marinades.

All of our tomato pastes are low in natural sugars per serving without any added sugars or fructose. 

Demeter Certified Biodynamic® agriculture is a step up from organic standards in that it considers the entire farm instead of individual crops and products. It requires the use of holistic regenerative farming practices to promote the health of the soil, crops and livestock, which enhances the quality and nutrition of the food being grown with a heavy focus on sustainability.  

We strongly believe biodynamic is the wave of the future and exactly what’s needed to ensure that our soils can continue to support agriculture and feed the world.

Add this must-have Italian tomato paste to your pantry, and order your Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic Tomato Concentrate today.

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  • Libre de Gluten
    • Garantizamos que este producto esté libre de proteínas de gluten.
  • Libre de Soya
    • Nosotros evitamos la soya siempre que nos sea posible, ya que es un producto transgénico y puede ser fatal para las hormonas
  • Orgánico
    • Este producto es certificado orgánico por la USDA. Lo que significa que los ingredientes son cultivados sin el uso de sustancias químicas dañinas, sin OMGs y tampoco contienen ingredientes sintéticos.
  • Demeter
    • Certified Biodynamic
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