Sito® American Wool Pillow with Organic Cotton Shell: 1 Pillow

Sito® Pillow, American Wool with Organic Cotton Shell

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Recent scientific studies indicate that your choice of bedding can actually help you sleep longer and more comfortably.

Unfortunately, much of what’s readily available in the market is purely synthetic and could pose a health risk to you and your family, not to mention down is known to provide an ideal habitat for bed bugs.

So, we searched until we found the perfect solution – wool.

Wool is:

  • Naturally thermo-regulating – wool fibers act like an air filter, keeping you warm during cold nights, yet staying cool and breathable when it’s warm
  • Hypoallergenic – our pillow is even covered in 200 thread count unbleached muslin to ensure the entire product is hypoallergenic
  • A natural way to repel dust mites – it creates a cool and dry sleep environment that is unfavorable to them
  • Sustainable and ecologically-friendly
  • Able to maintain its loft, so you don’t have to continually readjust your pillow
  • Soft to the touch, with a firm, full feel
  • Non-flammable

Made in a traditional Midwestern woolen mill that’s been in constant operation since the late 1800s, our American wool pillows and comforters offer you the undisputed best in excellence and value.

Using simple, traditional techniques that have carried over 100 years, the mill creates some of the world’s finest bedding using all locally-sourced and hand-selected wool.

For additional comfort and to help support the environment, our SITO® American Wool Pillows are exclusively made with an organic cotton shell from GOTS certified organic cotton.

Your SITO® American Wool Pillow is designed to last and is easy to maintain. Get the quality sleep you deserve, and order yours today.

Available in King and Standard sizes.

Discover more about SITO® American Wool Bedding

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    • 01/20/2023
    • Becky B. Comprador verificado
    • Regret buying

      These pillows are way overpriced. Also, they are small in area size and too high. If they took some of the height off and spread that out to make them wider, they would be useable.

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    • 01/11/2023
    • Angela R. Comprador verificado
    • Do not buy unless you want a stiff neck

      This pillow is way to firm and you can’t take any of the filling out! I got a stiff neck! Also, if you return you need to pay for the shipping!!! I have been a customer of Dr Mercola products for many years and am very disappointed in this product!!!

    • Fue este repaso útil?
    • 08/22/2022
    • Debbie B. Comprador verificado
    • Cool!

      I've bought this pillow.before, then tried The Conservative Guy's, and had never had issue with Hot pillow until after the first year of thyroid-flashes, and THIS ONE Is Cool, The Other was my 1st Hot pillow! I much prefer This Wool Pillow; my only desire to improve it would be a zipper for the over-cotton, to wash it.

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