Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic English Breakfast Tea: 1 Box

Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic English Breakfast Tea

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Using traditional Indian Assam black tea leaves, our Solspring® Biodynamic® Organic English Breakfast Tea offers a hearty, full-bodied flavor that is naturally caffeinated, bold enough to help you start your day off right.

The black teas are grown and harvested from small, family-owned Selimbong and Putharjhora tea gardens that are situated along the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, surrounded by virgin evergreen forests rich with wildlife.

We worked exclusively with these Demeter Certified Biodynamic® tea farmers who use biodynamic, or regenerative, agricultural methods to protect the nearby waterways, ensuring care is taken to preserve the naturally abundant wildlife. They focus on harmony between nature and agriculture as well as ecological responsibility to bring you pure, high-quality teas.

Enjoy the unsurpassed taste of Biodynamic® Organic English Breakfast Tea along with its antioxidant properties, and order your supply today.

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  • Libre de Gluten
    • Garantizamos que este producto esté libre de proteínas de gluten.
  • Libre de Soya
    • Nosotros evitamos la soya siempre que nos sea posible, ya que es un producto transgénico y puede ser fatal para las hormonas
  • Orgánico
    • Este producto es certificado orgánico por la USDA. Lo que significa que los ingredientes son cultivados sin el uso de sustancias químicas dañinas, sin OMGs y tampoco contienen ingredientes sintéticos.
  • Demeter
    • Certified Biodynamic
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