Solspring® Wild Acacia Raw Honey, Organic (12 oz. per Jar): 1 Jar

Solspring® Wild Acacia Raw Honey, Organic

12 oz.
  • 17 Servings
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Honey is a truly remarkable substance, made even more extraordinary by the process with which it is made. This blend of natural sugar, trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids is quite unlike any other sweetener on the planet.

High-quality organic honey contains many potential benefits, including a number of potential free-radical busting antioxidants and more:

  • Powerful antioxidant flavonoids that include pinocembrin and pinostrobin, which may help support enzyme activity in the body.
  • Antioxidant-rich organic acids that provide honey with a slightly acidic pH that helps reinforce a healthy vitality.
  • Amino acids that are nature's building blocks of protein.

The key to having the most favorable chance of benefiting from honey’s healthful properties is with high-quality organic honey and not overly processed honey found in grocery stores.

That’s where our Solspring® Organic Wild Acacia Raw Honey stands apart from other honeys on the market.

From beehive to jar, our Organic Wild Acacia Honey is pure, raw, unfiltered and made from the love of bees and with respect for nature.

From deep within the Himalayan forests of India, our Solspring® Organic Wild Acacia Raw Honey is harvested from wild beehives using regenerative, non-invasive methods.

With the collection of this honey, hundreds of local families are provided with ethical and stable jobs, helping to encourage peace to the neighboring regions in India.

Sustainable, smoke-free harvesting practices protect the wild bee population and aid in the preservation of the forests' natural ecosystem. Sweet and classic with a floral aroma, this soy- and gluten-free Organic Wild Honey reflects the biodiversity of the Himalayan forests.

This delicious honey can be used as a spread, added to your favorite teas or simply enjoyed pure by itself. It’s a perfect complement to our Solspring® Biodynamic® and Organic Teas.

Enjoy our year-round Organic Wild Acacia Honey while supporting local beekeepers and families, and order your supply today.

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