Solspring Organic Golden Milk (2.64 oz. per Jar): 1 Jar

Solspring™ Golden Milk, Organic

2.64 oz.
  • 30 Servings
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  • sept. 2023

1 Jar

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Known for its golden-orange pigment, turmeric has been valued for centuries in Ayurveda, a traditional health system of India. It offers a myriad of potential health benefits, including immune function support, cognitive and neurological system support, antioxidant properties and support for normal circulation.*

Golden milk is an adaptogenic blend that capitalizes on the benefits of turmeric, combining it with other potent spices.* Our premium-quality, vegan Solspring™ Organic Golden Milk is exclusively formulated with a warming blend of spices and herbs, including fermented turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom and tulsi, in a base of coconut milk.

As turmeric, ginger and cinnamon have all shown potential cardiovascular protection using different pathways, this powerful trifecta in Organic Golden Milk works together to provide extraordinary support for your heart health*:

  • Turmeric – The bioactive ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has demonstrated effects on the heart in human and animal trials.
  • Ginger – Ginger has been scientifically shown to have a positive effect on your blood and provide potential cardiovascular support.*
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon has been shown to potentially support normal healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.*

Our Organic Golden Milk uses stevia to add a touch of sweetness. Stevia is up to 200 times sweeter than sugar, while also rating zero on the glycemic index, which means it has no effect on blood sugar levels.

Order your vegan Solspring™ Organic Golden Milk today, and start enjoying the health benefits of this well-loved blend that combines the ancient and the modern to earn its popularity in health-conscious circles.

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  • Libre de Gluten
    • Garantizamos que este producto esté libre de proteínas de gluten.
  • Libre de Soya
    • Nosotros evitamos la soya siempre que nos sea posible, ya que es un producto transgénico y puede ser fatal para las hormonas
  • Orgánico
    • Este producto es certificado orgánico por la USDA. Lo que significa que los ingredientes son cultivados sin el uso de sustancias químicas dañinas, sin OMGs y tampoco contienen ingredientes sintéticos.
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  • Rachel B. Comprador verificado
  • 10/29/2022
  • Tastes great...but

    I drank this Golden Milk on an empty stomach around 10 a.m. It tasted wonderful and mixed well but, my blood pressure shot up. I was trying to read if it had any sodium but it was not stated on the jar. I will be calling the office Monday morning. Rachel B Texas

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  • Fatina B. Comprador verificado
  • 09/07/2022
  • Too sweet

    I love the content but could not even finish one cup due to the sharp sweetness of the stevia. Very disappointed

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  • Robin B. Comprador verificado
  • 08/12/2022
  • Love my golden milk

    I was thinking Tumeric wouldn’t be tasty but with the other healthy spices/herbs what a wonderful combination. I absolutely love this product- put me right to restful mode 30 min before bed. Thank you for this product.

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  • samantha j. Comprador verificado
  • 04/28/2022
  • Delicious and makes you feel good.

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  • Patricia G. Comprador verificado
  • 02/19/2022
  • Golden Milk taste

    I find this product to be too sweet for my taste, and I have a concern about 'natural flavors' being added.

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  • Terri G. Comprador verificado
  • 02/17/2022
  • creamy

    I really love this. I was skeptical due to some neg reviews. Glad I decided to try it. It is great in hot cacao dandelion tea and even coffee. Not too sweet at all. Will be buying more.

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  • Chris P. Comprador verificado
  • 10/14/2021
  • better than anticipated!

    i heat with with oat MALK and a bit of ghee and/or coffee...almost too sweet but i add a bit of salt and pepper sometimes...anyway, feels good to my sensitive radar, so rich and comforting, yet no sugars! wish for more luo han and less stevia. a bit more ginger, perhaps. but so much in so little and easy a package!

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  • Deborah M. Comprador verificado
  • 09/03/2021
  • Love this Product

    Tastes great. Using with coconut milk.

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  • Richard H. Comprador verificado
  • 08/22/2021
  • Energy Multiplier?

    I have been using Solspring Golden Milk as an add to my morning coffee routine. It's a zinger! I usually fix my brew as butter coffee with MCT oil, grass-fed butter and allulose. Adding the Golden Milk has jump-started my day and given me a noticeable boost in morning energy. Excellent product that dissolves completely and has a great taste!

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  • Yadira H. Comprador verificado
  • 08/17/2021
  • I wish wasn’t that sweet

    I really like this product, but the only way I can drink it, is when I add it to my home made kefir, kefir is sour so by adding the golden milk it gives it a great flavor, and compensate the sweetness of the golden milk.

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  • BRENDA W. Comprador verificado
  • 06/08/2021
  • Ice Tea

    I make with my homemade distilled water as to keep it natural, not affected by chemicals. I added my homemade unsweetened nut milk, drink hot or made Ice Tea .

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  • Shirley R. Comprador verificado
  • 05/21/2021
  • Love the taste!

    Just be aware that it will stain your teeth yellow if you drink every day.....I use a straw to avoid this

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  • Thiago Da Silva N. Comprador verificado
  • 05/12/2021
  • Great and delicious!

    It's a great and delicious product. Just way too sweet. With less stevia, would be even better, I think.

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  • Karen P. Comprador verificado
  • 04/18/2021
  • Good on greens!!

    Thanks Lynn C. & Dr. Mercola for the suggestion! I paired it with cooked kale & broccoli rabe. What an interesting and yummy taste treat!!

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  • Susan H. Comprador verificado
  • 01/23/2021
  • Surprisingly good

    I bought this based on the reviews looking for a new hot drink to try. I felt very pleasantly surprised with how good this tastes. Mixed with hot water, the drink tastes sweet and warming, and I love the ingredients with just enough mild spice too. My new favorite drink.

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