Bison Ribeye Steak (8 oz.): 8 Steaks

Bison Ribeye Steak

8 oz.
  • 8 Steaks
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People are discovering the lean goodness and rich flavor of America’s “Original Red Meat” – bison. This flavorful and healthy meat provides beneficial fats, protein and minerals, such as selenium and zinc.

Bison have thrived in abundance on lush North American grassland for thousands of years, living in harmony with the land. The continuous movement from one grazing area to the next allowed the grassland to regularly renew itself, benefiting both the animals and our planet.

By applying these same rotational grazing practices to their family farm lands, US Wellness Meats farmers raise animals that do not require antibiotics or growth hormones to help them grow big and stay healthy. Plus, the farm land doesn’t need pesticides or artificial irrigation systems to develop rich, fertile biodiversity.

Our sustainably raised Grass Fed Bison, provided by US Wellness Meats, is 100% grass fed and grass finished with no supplemental feeds or grains. These majestic animals are treated humanely from birth to processing and are raised to very strict standards:

  • NO grains
  • NO antibiotics
  • NO added growth hormones
  • NO GMOs
  • NO pesticides or herbicides

US Wellness Meats’ Grass Fed Bison Ribeye Steaks will impress your friends and family with their rich flavor and tender, juicy consistency. Although much leaner than beef, the Bison Ribeye Steak contains the most marbling of all the bison cuts we offer.

Ideal for the grill or simply tossed in your skillet with some grass fed butter, these steaks are a rare delicacy. Because bison is naturally lower in fat, we recommend avoiding overcooking for optimal tenderness.

The Bison Ribeye Steak averages 1.25 -1.5” in thickness and each steak weighs approximately 8 oz. Each package contains eight steaks.

Delivered directly to you frozen, the Bison Ribeye Steaks should be kept frozen for long-term storage. Once thawed, the steaks may be stored for three to five days in the refrigerator.

Treat your family or guests to Grass Fed Bison Ribeye Steaks, and order yours today.

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