Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Countertop Water Filter Black: 1 Unit

Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Countertop Water Filter - Black

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Up until now, you couldn’t find a water filter that removed substantial amounts of fluoride without resorting to reverse osmosis. Most water filters and their technologies remove 50% or less of fluoride.

Reverse osmosis has been the standard for removing fluoride for years. However, its main drawbacks include wasting a lot of water and removing healthy minerals from the water.

Some systems claim to remove 95% or more of fluoride, but when you look at independent test results and the results people actually get with use, that’s not always the case. With some, performance drops drastically after the first 25 or 30 gallons.

Our Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Water Filter provides broad-range contamination reduction while retaining beneficial minerals. A whole new paradigm in water filtration, it marries existing technologies and combines medias for a unique approach to:

  • Virtually reduce up to 99.9% of 172 contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, chromium and other heavy metals, disinfectants, anions, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Selectively allow healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium to pass through.
  • Reduce microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, cysts and fungi, using .01 micron filtration.

Obtaining fresh filtered drinking water has never been so simple. With the push of a button, our filter immediately provides water from your faucet that’s up to 99.9% clear of fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants for safe drinking, cooking and more.

Our Countertop Fluoride Removal Water Filter is designed for use on a treated water supply. Small and compact, it’s an attractive addition to any countertop, alongside your sink. Simply connect to your cold water supply using the included diverter valve and hose, and enjoy its easy-to-use push button operation.

The Countertop Fluoride Removal Water Filter has an easy replacement filter system and features a battery-powered LED filter life indicator. The filters are rated at 250 gallons at normal household water pressure. Replacement filters for your Countertop Fluoride Removal Water Filter are available separately.

Please note: The countertop unit will work with any faucet except ones with a pull-down sprayer. If you have this type of faucet, order our under-counter unit instead.

Order our Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Water Filter today, and start enjoying great-tasting pure and clear water from your tap.

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Special Notes:
  • The Fluoride Removal Full Spectrum Countertop Water Filter requires a standard kitchen faucet.

    The sizes of the adaptors that are included with this unit are as follows:


    15/16”- 27thd X 22mm (male to male)


    24mm X 22mm (male to male)


    22mm X 20mm (male to male)

    Please refer to the product manual for further instructions and to ensure the unit will fit your faucet.

  • International customers may need special plumbing and/or electrical adapters for select water filter units.
  • To maintain the usage count accuracy of the Filter Life Indicator, the On/Off button must be released after each use of the water filter system.
  • Customers are responsible for return shipping costs as well as a 15% restocking fee for select water filter units. If an item is defective, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty. Select water filter units cannot be returned after 30 days unless you are a Preferred or PremierPlus member, in which you have up to 90 days to return these items.