Biothin® Ketone Energy & Herbal Autophagy Complex

Biothin® Ketone Energy & Herbal Autophagy Complex

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About this item

Biothin® Ketone Energy MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, are a special type of fat that supports your body’s production of ketones to fuel your cells. Because of their speedy conversion to energy, MCTs are an ideal way to help reduce hunger pangs and boost satiety while on a ketogenic or low carb diet.

When you use fat, or ketones, as your primary energy source, you:

  • Optimize your mitochondrial function.*
  • Activate your body’s ability to burn body fat.*
  • Help your metabolism run more efficiently.*
  • Enjoy long-lasting energy and stamina.*
  • Improve your athletic performance.*
  • Focus and think more clearly.*

There are many kinds of MCTs, but caprylic acid, or C8, is considered the most ideal since it converts to ketones within minutes and is easier on your digestion. Plus, C8 fats are water soluble, meaning they can slip through your blood-brain barrier and directly deliver fuel to your brain.*

To help you reach your metabolic health goals faster, our Biothin® Ketone Energy contains 95% Caprylic Acid (C8) MCT Oil. Tasteless and odorless, it’s easy to add to food, like sushi, salads and pasta, as well as beverages, like coffee, smoothies and shakes.

Take control of your metabolic health, and order Biothin® Ketone Energy today.

Biothin® Herbal Autophagy Complex

To live a long, active life – and to enjoy vibrant health, you must have clean and healthy cellular mitochondria and genetic material.

Like an ultimate natural body cleanse, autophagy is your body’s way of clearing out old, damaged cells and proteins, and other health-threatening cellular “junk,” and reusing them as building blocks for new proteins or for fuel.

Designed to promote autophagy, Biothin® Herbal Autophagy Complex supports mitochondrial and cellular health as well as your metabolic well-being.* It contains four plant ingredients including:

  • Pau d’Arco contains a substance called beta-lapachone, which, in mice studies, increased their mitochondria numbers and helped reduce the production of damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) inside the cells.*
  • White Willow Bark mimics calorie restriction in liver cell studies; its major constituent, salicylic acid, boosted numbers of mitochondria as much as three-fold.*
  • Organic King Trumpet Mushrooms, with their abundant beta-glucans, polysaccharides and unique master antioxidant ergothioneine, powerfully protect mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage.*
  • Organic Hawthorn Berry Fruit supports cardiovascular and mitochondrial health, as your heart is one of your highest energy organs with abundant mitochondria.*

Available in powder form, Biothin® Herbal Autophagy Complex can mixed with hot water to make a soothing tea or added to your favorite drink or smoothie recipe as a powerhouse addition.

Start protecting your mitochondrial and metabolic health, and order Biothin® Herbal Autophagy Complex today.*

Important Note:

  • If you have blood coagulation condition or are taking anticoagulants such as Warfarin (Coumadin®), do not use Biothin® Herbal Autophagy Complex.