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Vacuum Blender

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Traditional high-speed blenders cut and smash food thousands of times a minute, causing oxidation that can diminish the nutritional value of your juice or smoothie. Oxidation can also affect color, taste and overall texture of the final blend.

Smoothies with fresh produce are full of beneficial phytonutrient antioxidants, but when antioxidants are exposed to oxygen, they react with it and lose their antioxidant activity.

A few years ago, some innovative engineers came up with a brilliant idea…

If oxidation takes place as a result of food material coming into contact with air at high speeds, what if the air was removed? The engineers went on to design a blender that utilizes a built-in vacuum to remove the air before the blending process begins.

But just like other consumer appliances available today, all high-speed vacuum blenders are NOT created equal.

That’s where Dr. Mercola Vacuum Blender stands apart from the rest by how it:

  • Is easy to operate, using an intuitive control panel featuring speed and timing controls for automatic blending, a pulse control for manual blending, a vacuum-only button, a start/pause button and a power button.
  • Uses built-in advanced vacuum technology to remove air and oxygen from the pitcher prior to blending to help maximize nutrition and flavor.
  • Utilizes a solid, durable and long-lasting glass pitcher instead of the typical plastic pitcher included with many traditional blenders (blender weight = 12.79 lb./5.8 kg.).
  • Delivers a smooth and consistent texture without the concern for foam or ingredient separation and minimizes the browning phenomenon of foods by keeping blended foods fresh for longer with their vibrant colors and flavors intact.
  • Provides a vacuum-only function that can be used to remove air from leftover foods blended in the glass pitcher.
  • Uses a grounded plug to minimize electromagnetic fields (EMFs) when it’s operating and includes a hard power on/off switch to ensure no EMFs are generated while the unit is not in use – even while still plugged in.
  • Cleans up nicely using soap and water or gentle non-abrasive cleaners and cleaned by hand and then wiped dry with a cloth.

Our Vacuum Blender fits conveniently on your kitchen counter or under upper kitchen cabinets. The blender also comes with a comprehensive Vacuum Blender Owner’s Manual with detailed sections on Features and Benefits, Important Safeguards, Getting Started, Instructions for Use, Cleaning and Maintenance, Recipes and more.

Order your Vacuum Blender today, and discover the difference this revolutionary type of high-speed blender will make in your favorite smoothies, juices and foods.

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Please Note:
  • Due to potential pressure buildup in the glass pitcher, it is strongly advised that hot liquids and foods be cooled prior to blending in the Vacuum Blender
  • This 120v model is compatible with North American electricity standards. An adapter will be required for use outside the U.S.

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