Immune Support Kit for Cats & Dogs

Immune Support Kit for Cats & Dogs

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Immune dysfunction is the single most common reason owners take their pets to the veterinarian. It may be because their immune systems are on overdrive, torching hidden allergies and itchy skin. Or their immune systems may be under-performing and exposing them to acute or serious issues.

There’s much you can do to support your pet’s immune health. That’s why I’ve put together my Immune Support Kit for Cats & Dogs that includes three exceptional supplements:

  • Bark & Whiskers™ Immune Support, a 4-in-1 approach to support balanced immune health, liver and digestive health, a healthy gut microbiome, and supports cell, tissue and organ repair to help slow cellular aging.
  • Bark & Whiskers™ Organic Fermented Mushroom Blend, a blend of eight species of organic mushrooms that can support your pet’s immune and digestive health, normal cell growth, joint and respiratory health, normal detoxification process, and helps protect against environmental stressors.
  • SpiruGreen for Cats & Dogs packs a one-two punch against free radicals, providing carotenoids, phycocyanins and enzymes from spirulina, plus carotenoids from astaxanthin, one of the world's most powerful antioxidants.

Sometimes your pet just can’t get all the support they may need for their immune health from the foods they eat. Even the best of diets – a raw, species-specific diet – can come from nutrient-depleted soils or from lower quality food sources. Plus, food can lose nutrients during processing and storage.

Order my Immune Support Kit for Cats & Dogs today and help give your dog or cat the gift of everyday immune support for their vibrant health.

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