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Limpiador Facial Clarificante Orgánico (4.0 Fl. Oz.): 1 Botella

Limpiador Facial Clarificante Orgánico (4 Fl. Oz.)

  • 1 Tubo
Limpiador Facial Clarificante Orgánico
  • Descripción

¿No es hora de consentir a su piel con el cuidado que se merece?

Para comenzar, esto implica lavar su piel con un limpiador facial que no le secará ni irritará.

Podría ser complicado encontrar un limpiador facial que no contenga detergentes fuertes ni productos químicos que podrían ser peligrosos. Algunos de los productos de limpieza facial más populares contienen ingredientes que se asocian con el cáncer, disrupciones endocrinas, alergias, irritación y efectos tóxicos en los sistemas de órganos.

La fórmula de nuestro Limpiador Facial Clarificante Orgánico Certificado por el USDA es de origen botánico y está científicamente diseñada para limpiar, hidratar y nutrir la piel.

Esta fórmula cremosa, suave y sin aroma es apta para todo tipo de piel e incluye siete ingredientes botánicos orgánicos, que incluyen:

  • Extracto de pepino por sus propiedades para refrescar y mantener la humedad
  • Extracto de berro para nutrir y calmar la piel mientras que al mismo tiempo protege contra el abuso de elementos y reduce el exceso de aceite
  • Jugo de hoja de aloe para ayudar a equilibrar el pH y reparar la piel sensible para un cutis perfecto
  • Aceite de coco para ayudar a rejuvenecer y eliminar la capa externa de las células muertas de la piel con el fin de tener un cutis más suave y radiante
  • Aceite de semilla de girasol para ayudar a mejorar la apariencia de la piel seca, desgastada o envejecida gracias a sus vitaminas, lecitina y ácidos grasos insaturados
  • Aceite de semilla de sésamo para brindarle una hidratación profunda y nutrirle con antioxidantes, incluido el sesamol que ayuda a reducir la aparición de líneas de expresión

Nuestra fórmula no contiene ingredientes intolerables--que incluyen fragancias artificiales, parabenos, productos petroquímicos, colorantes, soya, gluten, transgénicos, ftalatos ni ingredientes que imitan al estrógeno; tales como los que se encuentran en muchos productos para el cuidado de la piel. Además, nunca probamos nuestros productos en animales.

Solo úselo por las mañanas y noches para eliminar el maquillaje, suciedad y otras impurezas del rostro. Enjuague abundantemente después de usar y seque con una toalla.

Al comenzar y terminar su día con nuestro Limpiador Facial Clarificante Orgánico, formulado científicamente para calmar, nutrir y purificar su piel, pronto cambiará su piel cansada y desgastada por una piel de apariencia más fresca y juvenil.

Ordene hoy mismo su Limpiador Facial Clarificante Orgánico.

Descubra más sobre el Limpiador Facial Clarificante Orgánico del Dr. Mercola

Etiquetas de productos

  • Libre de Gluten
    • Garantizamos que este producto esté libre de proteínas de gluten.
  • Libre de GMO
    • Garantizamos que todos nuestros productos son libres de ingredientes transgénicos.
  • Orgánico
    • Este producto es certificado orgánico por la USDA. Lo que significa que los ingredientes son cultivados sin el uso de sustancias químicas dañinas, sin OMGs y tampoco contienen ingredientes sintéticos.
  • Libre de Soya
    • Nosotros evitamos la soya siempre que nos sea posible, ya que es un producto transgénico y puede ser fatal para las hormonas
  • Leaping Bunny
    • Cruelty Free
Calificación del producto
  • Calificación del producto


  • Kathleen N. Comprador verificado
  • 01/27/2021

    It seems to do the job, but if you're going to have a formula that is so liquid, you should put it in a pump bottle so that you can get a measured amount out without the waste. I have wasted at least 1/3 of the product. I liked the previous version much more.

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  • Adam R. Comprador verificado
  • 09/08/2020
  • We love it!

    My wife really like it! She has had trouble finding products that cleanse her face well and don't make her break out. This product is the only one that we now trust. It cleanses and she doesn't break out. It is watery but that isn't a problem at all. We just drip a tad in our palms and apply to our faces with water. Simple as that. Works so well!

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 1    0


  • Kathy M. Comprador verificado
  • 08/31/2020
  • WAAAAY too runny!!

    They really need to reformulate this cleanser. It is little more than colored water that I was unable to use at all because of that. I will not be finishing the tube because I got some in my eyes because of the consistency and it burned so badly!

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 0    0


  • Peter H. Comprador verificado
  • 07/18/2020
  • Excellent 5/5

    Excellent facial cleaner...period ! I have VERY oily skin and this formula performs an amazing, natural cleansing job. It rinses very easily and leaves your face feeling very clean, with no residue. Who cares watery ? Jeez, just be careful squeezing the tube...a little dab is all you need.

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 0    0


  • mary w. Comprador verificado
  • 06/24/2020
  • Great all natural product

    I used my first tube of cleanser and really like it. Yes it is too runny but I just put some into a smaller bottle that worked much better and I could control how much I wanted. I think the container should not be a tube. I do like that it is all natural and light. Will buy again

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 2    0


  • Yadira H. Comprador verificado
  • 06/13/2020
  • It does the job

    Yes is a little bit watery but you just need to be careful when your pour it, and then you get use to it. It feels good in my skin and cleanses it well.

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 1    0


  • Sharon B. Comprador verificado
  • 04/13/2020
  • Need a Gentle eyelid cleanser

    I liked your previous cleanser which was so gentle it could be used on the eyelids. I also like the new cleanser and will order it again, however, it has been almost impossible to find a gentle eyelid cleanser and your new cleanser seems too strong for the eyelids.

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 2    0


  • Wanda W. Comprador verificado
  • 02/17/2020
  • Great cleanser

    I really love this cleanser and will repurchase. I never used the old formula so I can’t compare and yes it’s a little runny but I’m just careful now and make sure not to squeeze the tube and that works for me. No big deal.

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 2    0


  • Constance A. Comprador verificado
  • 02/02/2020
  • Too watery

    This cleanser is so watery, as soon as you tilt the tube to put some in your hand to wash, it pours out - wasteful. I will definitely not purchase this again.

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 2    0
    • Atención al cliente

      We thank you for taking the time to review this product. We are sorry to hear of the dissatisfaction. We appreciate the feedback, and we welcome you to contact our customer service center so we can assist you further. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • dwanne w. Comprador verificado
  • 01/22/2020
  • Will not buy again

    Please bring back original formula it was superior.. to this watered down runny version. Mercola you have higher standards than this

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 4    0
    • Atención al cliente

      We appreciate the product feedback and apologize for the dissatisfaction of the new formulation. We assure the changes were made to improve the product. At this time the product has reduced alcohol content, can now be labeled soy free, as well as leaping bunny certified. The alcohol was reduced to eliminate skin irritation for the majority of people. Dr. Mercola’s Soy Free badge indicates our products are free of soy whenever possible. We prefer not to use soy or ingredients derived from soy for two reasons. Soy is a phyto-prohormone. Many people’s hormonal system, especially women, are affected by soy as well,95% of the soy in the U.S. is genetically modified (GMO), so the availability of non-GMO soy is extremely limited. The Leaping Bunny Certification is the global gold standard for cruelty free cosmetics and household products managed by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. The CCIC promotes a single comprehensive Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals and Leaping Bunny Logo to help make shopping for animal-friendly products easier and more trustworthy. At this time we will forward this feedback to the appropriate department and once again apologize for the inconvenience caused.


  • M R. Comprador verificado
  • 12/30/2019
  • Too Runny

    This product is so runny it is ridiculous. I don't even have to squeeze the bottle. I just open it and it starts to spill out. It's annoying and it is wasting the product because only a little is needed. I like the previous facial cleansers more. The older facial products were so much better. Not sure why they were all changed out for this stuff. So far not impressed with any of the new facial products I've tried.

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  • Jeanette W. Comprador verificado
  • 12/14/2019
  • cleanser

    I feel this is very runny and more comes out than needed. I absolutely loved the cleanser you had before and wish you hadn't changed your product.

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 7    0
    • Atención al cliente

      We thank you for your review on the Organic Clarifying Facial Cleanser. We have relayed your concerns regarding the consistency of this product to the appropriate departments for consideration.


  • Nishtha B. Comprador verificado
  • 10/01/2019
  • Skin feels good

    This is a good product. I have been using it over two weeks now and am happy with the results. Though I do feel its a little too runny which makes it difficult to squeeze out a small amount without spillage or wastage. Dont need a big quantity so i definitely gets wasted when squeezed.

  • Fue Este Repaso útil? 5    0
    • Atención al cliente

      We are pleased to hear that you are happy with the results after two weeks of using this product! We greatly appreciate your feedback regarding the product being a little runny, and we apologize for any inconvenience. We will be glad to inform the appropriate parties for consideration of making any necessary changes so for future batches we can avoid any excess spillage.