Dog Cancer Series DVD

Dog Cancer Series DVD

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“Your dog has cancer.”

Those four words are the most dreaded words for any pet owner to hear. To learn that their companion has been dealt a diagnosis that’s commonly considered a death sentence is truly heartbreaking. Some owners describe the moment they hear those four words as like being hit by a freight train…

There’s no question we have an epidemic going on with our dogs and cancer. But what if I could tell you there may be hope for your pet? What if there was a way to actually starve the cancer out of your dog’s body? Would that help make the diagnosis a little less daunting? Would you feel more empowered?

I’m Dr. Karen Becker, and I’d like to invite you on a journey with me. Recently I spent time travelling the globe with Rodney Habib, the founder of Planet Paws, gathering the most up-to-date information on canine cancer.

This wasn’t just any journey… This was a trip with a mission. You see, Rodney’s beloved dog Sam had been diagnosed with cancer. Rodney received those four dreaded words, even though he did everything “right” caring for Sam, including feeding only the most carefully prepared, high-quality-sourced homemade organic food and maintaining a chemical-free home.

Rodney asked me to join him in his quest. For me it was a no-brainer because I knew many pet parents like Rodney. That same diagnosis had rocked them to their core and left them in a state of fear and panic.

Plus, I saw this as an opportunity to help educate veterinarians and perhaps change the stigma attached to cancer. There was nothing I wanted to do more than to learn all I could so I could help spread the word about a way to treat cancer that isn’t taught in veterinary school.

Along the way, we met other owners whose pets were battling the same life-threatening diagnosis. We spoke and met with dozens of oncologists, cancer researchers and veterinarians. Rodney, a skilled digital storyteller, captured it all on camera.

The Dog Cancer Series Rethinking the Canine Epidemic Volume 1 is a documentary unlike any other you’ve even seen. It tells powerful stories, but most importantly, it provides answers, tools, and inspiration to pet parents worldwide who find themselves confronting their pet’s diagnosis of cancer.

Containing over six hours of groundbreaking information from 50 cancer experts, including the oncologists, researchers and veterinarians we interviewed, The Dog Cancer Series includes four DVDs and a book of written transcripts from the documentary.

By watching (and re-watching) this treasured collection, you’ll gain innovative insights and practical tools that you can put to use right away with your pet.

Even If your dog doesn’t have cancer now, there’s tremendous value awaiting you with The Dog Cancer Series. Certain breeds now face up to a 50 percent cancer rate. Having these tools will empower you to take proactive steps to hopefully avoid hearing those four dreaded words later.

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