Solspring® Tulsi Lemon Ginger Tea, Organic (18 Bags per Box): 1 Box

Solspring® Tulsi Lemon Ginger Tea, Organic

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Naturally caffeine free, our Solspring® Organic Tulsi Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea offers a blend of three varieties of tulsi – Krishna, Rama and Vana – along with organic ginger, lemongrass and lemon peel to create a beautifully earthy and slightly spicy flavor.

An Ayurvedic herb indigenous to India, the tulsi in our Solspring® Organic Tulsi Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea is grown and harvested in the Southwest region of Kamataka on Magadi Farms in a community of nearly 150 small, third-generation, family-owned tea gardens.

These small tea farmers prioritize creating a self-sustaining ecosystem, placing a special emphasis on the health of the soil to produce top-quality, vibrant tulsi plants.

No harsh synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are ever used. Instead, these tea farms use methods that focus on harmony between wildlife and agriculture to bring you a pure, high-quality tulsi tea, approved by the National Organic Program (NOP).

Enjoy the delightfully earthy, spicy taste of Organic Tulsi Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea along with its soothing properties, and order your supply today.

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