Womens SITO Organic Cotton Maxi Dress: Black (S)

Womens SITO Organic Cotton Maxi Dress

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Conventional cotton is a resource-intensive crop that uses more than its fair share of water, toxic pesticides, likely carcinogenic herbicides and other potentially hazardous chemicals. Over 70 million acres worldwide are planted with genetically engineered (GE) cotton.

Non-organic cotton is a potential health hazard to the cotton farmers and pickers, the cloth and clothing factory workers, and to you when you wear the finished cotton garment.

It can be challenging to find Organic Cotton apparel that’s stylish, affordable, and GOTS-certified – your only reassurance of authentic organic cotton.

We want to make organic cotton apparel an everyday affair – from socks to underwear to baby blankets to even a stunning wrap dress that you’ll be proud to wear to work!

All of our SITO Organic Cotton apparel is:

  • GOTS-certified (includes Fair Trade and protection against discrimination) for authenticity and to support regenerative agriculture and local organic farmers
  • Made using certified organic agricultural practices which include the use of only organic-approved fertilizers and organic-approved herbicides and pesticides from plants, animals and minerals. This way, no harmful residues remain on the clothing (unlike with conventional cotton) 
  • Dyed with only sustainable, low-impact plant dyes in an Earth-friendly process (no formaldehyde!)
  • Affordable, stylish and designed to appeal to all ages
  • Made from high-quality organic cotton from India
  • Very soft to the touch, thanks to the longer staple length typical of Indian cotton
  • Made without dangerous microfibers that can threaten waterways and marine life
  • Manufactured to conserve precious natural resources like energy and water

Our Women’s Maxi Dress features 95% GOTS-certified organic cotton and 5% Lycra® for the perfect amount of stretch, softness and flexibility. This short-sleeved, floor-length dress can be dressed up or down, going from day to night or night to day! Its rounded, shirttail hemmed slits and cuffed sleeves add the perfect detail to make it ideal for lounging or attending casual events.

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  • GOTS
    • This product is certified GOTS Organic, which is the universally recognized organic standard for textiles.
Customer Reviews
  • Customer Reviews


  • Lara H. Verified Buyer
  • 07/03/2021
  • Very comfy

    This dress is very comfortable and fits nicely. It does not run small. Love wearing it around the house. I wish there were more colors.

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  • Tashia N. Verified Buyer
  • 03/17/2021

    I love it. I need another one to wear as a nightgown and one that I'll wear out and about! Would love to see plus size options in Organic clothing as well. But this was roomy and fit just fine. ~It's not too long as the other reviews stated, I'm 5'8 and it didn't even touch the ground. Great dress and it has POCKETS!!!

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  • Karen A. Verified Buyer
  • 08/31/2020
  • Love it, but be aware

    This dress is for a very tall lady, which I am not. I had to remove the pockets (sewed shut and cut off on the inside) and shorten the length. Now it is a wonderful dress. Very comfortable and attractive.

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  • Janice A. Verified Buyer
  • 07/06/2020
  • love it

    Great fabric, great fit (meaning realistic sizing!). It is a Maxi dress so I am 5'7" and it is to my ankles. If I want to wear it shorter, I belt it. Love the details of the deep V-neck, the pockets, and the shirt-style slashes up the side. A+

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  • Karen K. Verified Buyer
  • 02/06/2020
  • Favorite dress ever

    This is very soft and comfortable. It cleans nicely with no ironing needs. I am 5’5” and it fits perfectly. Not too long at all! It did clip the sleeve cuff and it hangs nicely without fussing with a cuff. If they get other colors, I will buy one of each!

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  • Lynn G. Verified Buyer
  • 11/01/2019

    This dress is way TOO LONG and I am very tall. If you are not over at least 6 foot do not buy this dress. Photo shows it being near ankle length -- that model must have been 6 foot 6 inches tall. Then if you want to return it you must pay shipping no matter what. My advice do not buy it. I would give less than a star but no such option was given.

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    • Customer Support

      We thank you for your review on the Women's SITO Organic Cotton Maxi Dress. We apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the length of this dress and your dissatisfaction on our return policy. Please know we would be happy to assist you further. We have sent an email to the address on your Mercola account to assist you further with this matter. Additionally, your concerns have been relayed to the appropriate departments for consideration. Thank you!


  • Andrea C. Verified Buyer
  • 10/26/2019
  • Sooooo comfy!

    I absolutely adore this dress. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing I have. You know when you want to get clean and comfy and kick back for the evening? This is what you wear to do that. A hot shower or bath and my Mercola dress... ahhhhhhmazing!

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