Air Mold Test Kit

Air Mold Test Kit

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An estimated 40 percent of buildings in America, including at least one in four homes, is believed to be affected by toxic mold that can cause serious health problems – hence the term “sick building syndrome”.

One of the biggest problems with mold is the mycotoxins it produces. Their effects on your organs and systems can be more serious than even pesticides and heavy metals.

Mold, a type of fungi, can be extremely difficult to detect. You can’t always see it as it often grows out of sight inside of walls, behind wallpaper or even within furniture. It can occur as a result of poor construction or water intrusion from leaky pipes and windows.

When mold grows in your home or workplace, it’s in your air as well. Inhaling mold spores can enter your lungs and trigger health issues.

How can you tell if mold is growing in your home or workplace?

You may or may not notice a musty, mildew odor, see mold growing, or find water stains. If you do, these are signs that suggest you may have a mold issue. Bodily signs include fatigue, headaches, mood changes, rashes, digestive issues, joint aches and pains, and even forgetfulness and poor concentration.

You can test for the presence of mold or fungi in your environment two different ways:

  • Surface Mold Test Kit (Also known as Fungi Screen Check) uses a swab test cultured from a visible living sample to identify genus types and concentration levels for environmental fungi as well as total bacteria
  • Air Mold Test Kit (Also known as Mold Screen Check) analyzes your indoor air for hundreds of non-viable or non-living mold types and fungal propagules or spores and provides concentration levels of each

Both are do-it-yourself and easy-to-use test kits that effectively screen your home or workplace for the presence of mold and fungi.

Here’s what you get with the Air Mold Test Kit:

  • A sample collection device called the Bio-Scan400 for a single surface and location to identify and provide concentrations levels for hundreds of types of non-viable mold and airborne spores
  • A final lab analysis and report by Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) identifying the genus level of each type of mold identified, and concentrations in Counts/cm², comparing your levels to normal, manageable levels (see a sample report here).

When you order your kit, you’ll receive it in the mail along with instructions on how to collect the sample. Once you’ve collected your sample using the included device, return it to EDLab using the envelope provided. Your lab report will be generated and emailed to you within 3 to 5 business days.

Don’t let hidden, or even visible mold threaten your health and indoor air quality. Take action today and find out if mold is threatening you, your family, and pets. Rely on the test that professionals use and find out if you may have an indoor mold issue.

Please note: When you receive your Air Mold Test Kit, it will be labeled Mold Screen Check. This kit is designed to test for airborne mold and spores.

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