Bed Bug Test Kit

Bed Bug Test Kit

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Just the thought of bed bugs makes most people’s skin crawl. An extremely difficult pest to both identify and manage, bed bugs can make life miserable, especially if you become one of the unlucky ones to find your home infested.

Bed bugs are found in every U.S. state. These small parasitic insects don’t discriminate – they can take up residence in the cleanest five-star hotels as well as day care centers, schools, cruise ships, and libraries. And they spread very easily. When you visit an infested locale, one or more can hop a ride home on your clothes, bag or suitcase!

While not a concern for disease spread, bed bugs can cause allergic reactions, uncomfortable itching, and severe emotional distress just from knowing they’re sharing your space.

Mostly hidden out of sight, bed bugs emerge at night while you’re asleep. When they bite, you typically don’t notice or feel the bites until at least a day later, and even then, they resemble mosquito bites. At the first sign of light, bed bugs retreat into mattress seams, bed frames, headboards, dressers, cracks and crevices, and even behind wallpaper.

Experts agree, early detection is key to effective bed bug control. The single most effective way to manage your situation is to implement effective inspection practices that can help identify a bed bug problem as early as possible. This allows you to deal with it before it evolves into a major infestation.

The Bed Bug Test Kit (also known as Bed Bug Screen Check) is a do-it-yourself test designed to help you find out if you have bed bugs in your home, or if you’ve had a prior bed bug infestation, the treatment has been successful.

The Bed Bug Test Kit comes with its own collection device for three locations. When your kit arrives, fold and tear the screening sheet into three sections to create separate monitors. Assemble as directed and place in and around areas where you spend the most time, including your bed, couch, and other upholstered furniture.

Please note, since bed bugs are so elusive and difficult to detect and manage, the Bed Bug Test Kit only detects bugs in the locations checked.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home isn’t likely infested, or, if you do discover signs, this screening test can help you get a jumpstart on early, effective treatment and management.

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