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Grounded Standing Floor Mat

Grounded Standing Floor Mat

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Grounded Standing Floor Mat
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Standing helps counter the potential negative health effects of prolonged sitting but can be tiring and hard on your feet and your back, especially when you stand for long periods of time.

Maybe your job demands standing or you want to work in your kitchen. Perhaps you use a standing desk but would like to minimize the strain of standing.

Our Grounded Standing Floor Mat provides plush comfort wherever you need it most – whether it be your kitchen or office.

This is no ordinary anti-fatigue mat... Because it is grounded and connects to the ground port on a grounded three-prong outlet of your home or workspace, you receive the added benefit of grounding – or connecting with the earth’s natural energy when you step onto the mat without shoes or socks.

Used either while standing or sitting, the Grounded Standing Floor Mat allows free electrons to flow from the earth into your body via the soles of your bare feet and throughout your tissues. In effect, body contact with the mat helps maintain your body at the same negatively charged electrical potential as the earth.

Grounding while you’re doing something else, like working at your desk, preparing food or even sitting while watching a movie allows you to take advantage of the positive effects from the earth’s free electrons without going outside.

Made from extra sturdy 1/2-inch thick conductive carbonized rubber, the black-on-black Grounded Standing Floor Mat provides a generous 24x36-inch surface area for standing and moving. Also included is a 15-foot (4.57 m) cord for mat placement flexibility.

Step onto comfort and connect to the earth’s energy with our Grounded Standing Floor Mat. Experience the difference today!

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