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Muse Headband

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About this item

Are your thoughts as positive as you’d like them to be? Is your mind helping you live a successful and fulfilled life – or is it getting in the way?

Your brain controls your thoughts, your feelings, your actions, and your reactions to life. What if you could be more present in each moment and start living the life you want?

With Muse, you can. Think of it as sending your brain to the gym. Muse is an innovative tool that not only teaches you how to meditate, it provides the how-to and motivation to develop your practice. Using real-time brain feedback and a powerful reward system, it turns learning how to meditate into an engaging, fun game.

Simply slip Muse’s sleek-looking headset over your head. Within only seconds or minutes, you feel a sense of relaxation and calm and begin to watch negative thoughts and mind chatter drift away. All it takes is 3 minutes a day to start developing an effective mediation practice or to deepen your existing one.

If you are new to meditation, Muse comes with a built-in 10-step guided exercise program to teach you how to choose your desired tracks, how to breathe, and how to apply what you learn through Muse to your everyday life.

With Muse, you can select the audio environment that helps you relax best.

Choose from five different tracks: The soothing sounds of seabirds and waves lapping on the shore, the tropical ambience of jungle sounds, the sound of wind and swirling sand on a vast desert, the sounds of Central Park in New York, or techno sounds of synthesized drones and electronic birds.

Muse is ideal for experienced meditators, too, with its advanced goal setting and rewards system for moving to higher levels. You accumulate points every time you still your mind!

Our new and improved Muse now has 90 percent fewer pulses or EMFs, so you can engage in your meditation practice without needless worry. If you’d like to reduce it even further and enjoy more potential benefits, meditate while sitting barefoot on our Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat.

Order Muse today and get FREE shipping with your purchase. Start living the life you dream of living!

Important Note:

  • Note that to use Muse, you need to download the app onto your phone or tablet, and will need a headset that is compatible with your device. We recommend using a low EMF headset like the Blue Tube, which is available on this site. At the present time, the Muse app is not available for desktop or laptop computers, however it is compatible with a wide range of Apple and Android devices. Please see the Q&A section for a full list.