Mercola Ceramic Mug

Mercola Ceramic Mug

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Mercola Ceramic Mug
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Are you a coffee lover? Then you can begin your morning on a high note with the Mercola Ceramic Mug. This 16-oz. mug is twice the size of regular coffee mugs, so you can fit more in your cup.

Adorned with the Mercola Premium Products logo, the mug shares the positive affirmation “I took control of my health!”

Plus, the Mercola Ceramic Mug is the perfect way to enjoy my Organic Fair Trade Coffee. Choose from three distinct and equally delectable roasts: Mexican Chiapas, Sumatran French Roast, and Peruvian French Roast (Decaf). Or if you are a tea lover, use it for any of my organic, great-tasting teas!

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Made in China.

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