Dr. Mercolas Dental Floss (100 yds): 1 Box

Dr. Mercolas Dental Floss

100 yds
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  • Jan. 2024

1 Box

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  • Description

Your dental kit is not complete without floss. I've chosen a floss that provides the following benefits...

  • Vegan waxed using rice bran – 100% vegetable waxes are smoother and lighter for easy gliding between teeth
  • No fluoride coating
  • Nylon instead of silk – Silk can involve chemical sterilization, while nylon is a clean and more effective floss
  • Long-lasting clean, fresh essential oil flavors
  • Environmentally friendly – Plastic-free packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
  • Completely free of all animal source ingredients

One thing to keep in mind, all floss is not created equal. And the Dr. Mercola Dental Floss stands a breed apart with its wholesome blend of essential oils to help maintain your healthy teeth and gums.

    Customer Reviews
    • Customer Reviews


    • Katherine F. Verified Buyer
    • 07/12/2021
    • Best Dental Floss I've Ever Used

      I've been using Dr. Mercola's dental floss for a number of years. A few months ago I ran out so resorted to using a brand that my dentist gives out. After about 3 months of using the dentists choice of floss I went for a cleaning and was asked if I had stopped flossing, as my gums didn't look so good. The only change to my routine was that I wasn't using my Dr. Mercola floss. I guess it really works, so am now going to order a years' supply at once, to not run out again.

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    • Rhonda K. Verified Buyer
    • 04/19/2021
    • Works Great - No break

      Perfect size to get in between some crowded teeth. Never breaks. Works smoothly with little effort. No waxy coating. The environmental package is a plus too.

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