Premium Whole Boneless Strip Loin (8 lbs.): 1 Steak

Premium Whole Boneless Strip Loin

8 lbs.
  • 1 Steak
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There’s nothing like 100 percent grass fed and finished beef – for your tastebuds, for your health, and for the environment. Not only is raising cattle on open grassland where they can graze on their ideal food the most humane way to produce beef, it’s also the most responsible way for the integrity of farmlands.

Nature didn’t design cows to eat grains. Cattle are ruminants with four stomachs designed to convert grass and forage into meat and milk. Their unique digestive system is not equipped to handle grains, especially the genetically modified corn routinely fed to factory-farmed cows.

Grass fed beef abounds, but don’t be misled… The FDA’s definition of grass fed only requires farmers to ensure their animals have access to the outdoors during the grass growing season, as short as 6 months in many areas. Feedlot confinement with grains is the “norm” during the remainder of the year. And under this program, grass fed farmers are allowed to feed a grain supplement and routinely use antibiotics and growth hormones!

It’s also important to note that of the few suppliers that do offer true 100% grass fed beef, they usually ship from Australia. Why pay for all of that shipping, and also contribute to the use of additional resources to ship beef from afar, when there is a better option right here in the United States?

Thousand Hills 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef is different. Compared to regular supermarket beef and even other grass fed beef, Thousand Hills cattle are:

  • “Lifetime grazed” rather than confined for their entire lives, or part of their lives
  • Never fed grain or grain byproducts, including GMO corn
  • Raised and processed in the USA, supporting US Grass Farmers
  • Holistically and humanely raised by independent Midwestern family farmers
  • Never given antibiotics, artificial hormones, or muscle-relaxing beta-agonists
  • Free to roam and graze on pastures never treated with herbicides
  • Humanely processed at Lorentz Meats, a family-owned, morally-centered processing facility in the US (Minnesota)

Since 2003, Thousand Hills has been raising cattle on holistically-managed pastures. Expert staff personally inspect all cattle to ensure their health. All of their cattle are born, raised, and harvested in the USA. Local processing is done at a spotless family-run facility in small batches, with stringent, proactive food safety testing. It’s important to note that the cattle are humanely processed, unlike many other facilities where very inhumane and unsanitary practices are taking place.

Better for you and the environment, too. Compared to other beef, true 100% grass fed beef is high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, with a better ratio to omega-6 fatty acids (making it much better for your health). It’s also a good source of health-promoting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an important nutrient not found in regular beef. And grass fed beef is lower in saturated fats and cholesterol.

When cattle are raised the responsible way – natural grazing in open spaces without herbicides and petrochemicals – soils regenerate, erosion and runoff are reduced, grassland diversifies, and wildlife, such as birds and bees thrive. You’re making a powerful statement for the environment when you choose 100% grass fed and finished beef.

Of course, true 100% grass fed and finished beef costs a little more. It takes longer to produce and requires responsible, individual management by experts. There’s no question it’s worth it for your dining pleasure, your health, and the environment. And with Thousand Hills 100% Grass Fed Beef, you’re assured of consistent high quality and healthful lean protein.

Right now we’re offering a very limited supply (only 400 loins) of Whole Premium 100% Grass Fed Strip Loin from the Thousand Hills Cattle Company.

The Whole NY Strip Loin comes from a little used muscle that yields a tasteful, tender cut with a firm texture (it’s the very same cut as NY Strip Steaks). Preparing the Whole Strip Loin Roast is simple and time-efficient, and makes a truly elegant entrée for a party or special holiday meal.

Choose between two loin sizes: Approximately 6 to 7 pounds (96 ounces) or 8 to 9 pounds (128 ounces).

Each loin is packed with dry ice and shipped frozen to you. And note that the full price of each product includes free shipping, which many other sellers will not include – so it’s an incredible deal! Plus, the loins have biodegradable packaging, so you can feel good about helping the environment, as well.

Don’t delay, this limited supply of only 400 loins will surely run out. Order yours today for your holiday dining extravaganza!

**To ensure freshness and safety, we ship on Mondays through Wednesday only so that your product arrives on a weekday. Your delivery arrival date depends on your order date. All orders placed Thursday through Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Orders placed on Monday will ship on Tuesday.

Shipping Restrictions:
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to ship this product outside the US and Canada at this time.
  • American Grassfed Association
    • AGA Certification assures you of authentic 100% grass fed beef. Regular audits by independent, third parties ensure continuing compliance with strict AGA standards.
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