Organic Cat Wash (8 fl. oz.): 1 Bottle

Organic Cat Wash

8 Fl. Oz.
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Some cats have special conditions that require your help with grooming, and some cats just fall into mishaps. And that’s when he needs your help to stay clean and comfortable.

To help your kitty maintain a clean, healthy coat, you need an organic shampoo designed specifically for cats – since human and dog shampoos may upset her delicate pH and moisture balance.

Organic Cat Wash is completely non-toxic, with pure, beneficial ingredients perfectly suited for your kitty. It’s formulated to be:

  • Gentle, with a nourishing blend of nine feline-friendly botanicals.
  • Unscented, since cats don’t like scented products.
  • Rejuvenating and protective for his skin, as well as moisturizing for a luxurious coat.
  • Mild enough for daily use – plus, it won’t strip away natural oils or leave residues behind.
  • Toxin-free, with no hazardous ingredients, additives, fragrances or dyes.

Bathing your kitty may also help reduce cat allergies for sensitive household members.

Whether your kitty requires frequent bathing, or just lives the normal unpredictable cat life, Organic Cat Wash provides the finest feline bath care available. Loaded with beneficial ingredients and pH balanced for a cat’s unique needs, it leaves her skin and coat in top condition.

Don’t take chances with potentially risky ingredients. Give your cat the highest-quality bath care available, and order Organic Cat Wash today.

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  • Organic
    • This certification means that at least 95% of the ingredients in a product are organic and don't have synthetic additives, pesticides or GMO – highlighting a company’s commitment to preserving nature and biodiversity.