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Ionic Ocean Minerals (1 QT per Bottle): 2 Bottles

Ionic Ocean Minerals (1 QT)

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Ionic Ocean Minerals


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It’s easy for you to grow robust, healthy, nutritious foods and gorgeous flowers – just put the necessary minerals back into the soil!

Our Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals is an advanced mineral product that utilizes essential elements from the ocean to give your plants exactly what they need for optimal growth.

Many crop problems start with demineralized soil – leading to foods that are not vibrantly colored as they should be, tasteless, and lacking nutrition.

The ocean provides all the minerals needed for plant growth, but the salt kills the soil and plants. Other mineral products dilute the ocean water, keeping the salt. Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals uses a high-tech process to remove the salt and concentrate the minerals, for unmatched, outstanding quality.

The Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals features:

  • Essential plant growth minerals from ocean water
  • A high-tech process that removes the salt and concentrates the minerals for robust, healthy plants
  • 100% non-synthetic formula with no additives, preservatives, or biological agents
  • Improved insect, disease, drought, and frost resistance due to high nutrient content

The Effortless Garden® Ionic Ocean Minerals can be used on every single kind of plant from fruits and vegetables, to citrus trees, to roses, and even sprouts! Give this stand-out product a try on all the plants you grow today!

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