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Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels (25 Sheets per Roll): 3 Rolls

Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels

  • 25 Sheets
Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels


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  • Description

Before you buy another roll of regular paper towels that contribute to deforestation and environmental pollution and waste, try my Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels instead.

Mercola Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towels are made using a superior process that greatly reduces environmental harm.

It’s better for the Earth and for you.

Reusable Kitchen Towels are more durable and absorbent than the leading paper towel on the market.

You can use them on heavy spills and for all your cleaning needs. The best part is they are reusable. So you don’t just have to use them once.

Each bamboo sheet can be rinsed out and used 100 times or more, reducing the total number of paper towels needed. And fewer towels means more savings for you!

These reusable sheets work great in the kitchen, but they also can be used to clean bathrooms and floors, dust, clean your car, boat, RV – anything and everything you’d ever use a paper towel for

Treat the Earth and your family right with these BPA-free, eco-friendly paper towels.

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    Customer Reviews
    • Customer Reviews


    • Mary G. Verified Buyer
    • 05/18/2020
    • Long Lasting

      These rolls may look small, but you can keep rinsing out the cloth and using over again. I love them for cleaning my floors! The only thing I would say is I wouldn't really use them for every day use like regular paper towels but I will keep ordering them.

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    • Avril B. Verified Buyer
    • 04/30/2020
    • Bamboo Kitchen Towels

      Love these excellent price even buying from Australia. They wash well and are easy to use.

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