Liver & Berry Bites: 1 Box

Liver & Berry Bites

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What’s better than watching your dog react to the question, “Do you want a treat?”

Whether it’s the instant tail wag, wide eyes or a full-body wiggle, it’s clear your dog loves treats, and her excitement makes you love giving them to her.

Treats are great rewards when training, but realistically many dogs are being fed the “just because we love them” treat a few extra times a week, or for some, even a day. Treats, no matter the occasion, can add up and lead to health issues, especially when they’re made with poor ingredients.

Feeding your dog low-quality snacks regularly can undo all the hard work you’ve done to take control of her health.

Spoil your dog the right way by serving her these species appropriate, protein-rich bites as a special snack between meals or the perfect treat for training.

Our tasty Liver & Berry Bites:

  • Contain 100% premium-quality beef liver.
  • Contain strictly U.S. born and bred ingredients.
  • Includes high levels of antioxidants from the organic pomegranates, blueberries and raspberries found inside of them.
  • Are free from potentially harmful fillers and rendered animal by-products.

Support a long, happy and healthy life for your dog by treating her to these savory, human-grade, bite-sized treats, and stock up on your supply today.

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Shipping Restrictions:

Due to Import and Export regulations, we do not ship Liver & Berry Bites to international addresses at this time.

  • GMO Free
    • We guarantee all of our products to be free of genetically engineered ingredients.
  • Gluten Free
    • We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.
  • Soy Free
    • We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.
Customer Reviews
  • Customer Reviews


  • Jerri J. Verified Buyer
  • 07/28/2021
  • Liver & Berry Bites

    My 2 love these treats. I have used them for years and always great. If you are worried about sharp edges, simply break them into smaller pieces. They are crispy like potato chips.

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  • Colleen S. Verified Buyer
  • 03/21/2021
  • Awesome!

    My dog Jeni loves these dog treats. She's an all organic doggie so these are a nice variety to add to her healthy regimen. I also like the fact that it is liver. She unfortunately doesn't eat much of that.

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  • Colleen S. Verified Buyer
  • 03/21/2021
  • She loves these!!!

    My dog Jeni loves these! So healthy!

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  • Eileen Q. Verified Buyer
  • 03/10/2021
  • Liver and Berry Bites

    My rottweiler loves these and also the Beef and Bison Bites. This is her first thing in the morning treat while I have my coffee. I break the larger ones in half. As far as the small pieces in the bottom of the bag, I put those on a saucer and she cleans the plate so none are wasted.

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  • Corine M. Verified Buyer
  • 08/28/2020
  • Liver & Berry Bites

    Considering I read the reviews on this producd I did have a concern on the sharp edges. I really wanted to try it. This may be helpful! Yes I did have a concern on the bits actually having sharped edges so I decided to take one and crush it to powder form and then added couple of drops of water to moisten the little pile that came out. I reshaped it into a small ball or flatten shape and gave it to my dog since she's a senior dog and wanted no accidents of any choking. Try this it works! My dog loves it. Actually I enjoy it since I feel its safe to eat without sharp edges this way. That's comforting and a great nutritional treat.

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  • Karen J. Verified Buyer
  • 05/04/2020
  • Be Aware

    Product has great ingredients. However, the bites have sharp edges which, when eaten or broken up can cause choking/injury hazard. I would like to see them remade in chunks rather than chips, which would be safer to feed.

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  • Barbara G. Verified Buyer
  • 09/29/2019
  • Liver & Berry bites

    My dogs, and all visiting dogs, absolutely love these. I love the 2-ingredient only formula. I don't love the price or the fact that the bottom of bag is all crumbs. Nevertheless, I'm giving it 4 stars

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