Fruit & Vegetable Wash (16 Fl. Oz.): 1 Bottle

Fruit & Vegetable Wash

16 Fl. Oz.
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Today’s fresh fruits and vegetables can harbor as many as 64 different pesticide residues along with another 100 potentially toxic, synthetic organic compounds, heavy metals, and dangerous dioxins from polluted fertilizer.

Further, newsworthy recalls remind us of the increasing danger of Salmonella and E. coli poisoning outbreaks within our large-scale, global food system.

Even if you eat organic and sustainably grown produce – or fruits and vegetables from your own backyard – you can’t be assured of uncontaminated product.

Washing with water simply does not remove all these potentially dangerous toxins, bacteria, and contaminants. And washing can’t remove the wax that seals in the surface pesticide residues and debris.

Dr. Mercola Healthy Home Fruit and Vegetable Wash is the quick and easy solution that allows you to take charge and protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of contaminated produce.

Easy to use, simply spray the fruits and vegetables you wish to eat or cook, wait one to two minutes, gently swish with clean water, and rinse. Dirt and particles wash away, along with potentially harmful contaminants and toxic pesticide residues.

Dr. Mercola Healthy Home Fruit and Vegetable Wash …

  • Is tasteless, and odorless.
  • Lifts wax to remove surface pesticide residues and dirt that can carry bacteria from commercially and organically grown produce.
  • Is lab tested to kill dangerous E. Coli and Salmonella and E. Coli from food surfaces when used as directed.
  • Extends storage life up to 200% longer so your fruits and vegetables stay fresher, crisper longer without browning!
  • Cleans countertops, knives, cutting surfaces – and your hands, too, while helping to protect against cross-contamination.
  • Does not contain alcohol or harsh detergents– just a blend of Kosher Certified, plant and mineral based ingredients.

Now you can take control and protect against the dangers of food contaminants and toxic pesticide residues. Effective protection has never been easier.

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