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Healthy Laundry Starter Bundle

Healthy Laundry Starter Bundle

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With the Healthy Laundry Starter Bundle, you can wash your clothes the "green" way.

Greener Cleaner® Stain Treatment

With Mercola Greener Cleaner® Stain Treatment, attacking those nasty stains and spots is easy.

Mercola Greener Cleaner® Stain Treatment is...

  • Free from toxic petrochemicals
  • Fragrance- and dye-free
  • Free from phosphates, masking agents, and sulfates
  • Powerful – But won’t leave harmful residue on your clothing

This is one tough natural stain treatment and a fantastic complement to Mercola Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches. So what makes this stain treatment so powerful?

Mercola Greener Cleaner® Stain Treatment has 4 unique and powerful enzymes designed to help work on stains like these:

  • Fat and oil – Butter, cooking oil, grease, and salad dressing
  • Starch – Baby foods, chocolate, and tomato-based foods (ketchup, etc.)
  • Protein – Blood, eggs, and grass

I strongly recommend Mercola Greener Cleaner® Stain Treatment as a powerful and easy-to-use complement to Mercola Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches.

Wool Dryer Ball

My Wool Dryer Balls are the perfect alternative to chemical-laden dryer sheets.

They're made in the USA from virgin hand-picked wool in one of the oldest wool mills in the US. No chemicals are added to the wool, which is cleaned using biodegradable soap instead of harsh chemicals.

You can add essential oils to these Wool Dryer Balls to keep your laundry smelling wonderful for days.

If you notice they're slightly different in size, it's because each ball is individually crafted by hand.

I'm excited to offer you such a safe, practical product. I know after a few uses, you'll never go back to dryer sheets.

Each box contains 3 Wool Dryer Balls. Available in a 3-pack (one box) or a 6-pack (two boxes).

Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches

We all want clean, fresh, and fragrant clothes, but many laundry detergents contain toxic chemicals that could negatively affect your health and cause indoor air pollution.

Enter my Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches, which are:

  • Free of harsh chemicals, Greener Cleaner® contains NO phosphates, SLS, NPE, or fragrances
  • Made entirely from premium plant and mineral ingredients

And the best part… it cleans just as well, if not BETTER than other laundry detergents with:

  • A highly concentrated, no water added formula, for optimal effectiveness
  • Three-in-one cleaning ability: cleans clothes, removes stains, and BRIGHTENS! So, you no longer need many products – only my detergent!
  • NO dyes, eliminating allergy problems
  • Biodegradable ingredients that are better for the earth, and safe for aquatic life and waterways

Also, with the convenient pouch delivery system, doing laundry is quick and easy! Just pop the pre-measured pouches in the machine with laundry and turn it on! Since you no longer have to self-measure and guess how much to use, you save time and money.

Try my Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches today! It's undoubtedly the non-toxic, wonder-working detergent you've been wanting!

Discover more about Greener Cleaner® Laundry Pouches and Dishwasher Pouches

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