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Herbal Repellent Collar For Large Dogs: 1 Collar

Herbal Repellent Collar For Large Dogs

Herbal Repellent Collar For Large Dogs
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We all want to keep our precious pets safe and protected from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects, but chemical-based repellents can be very dangerous and can potentially lead to side effects.

Instead, there’s a safe pest repellent alternative that’s made using only top-quality, effective herbal ingredients…

The Herbal Repellent Collar is free of harsh chemicals, using a special blend of oils that allow it to work for up to 4 months. Unlike other pest repellent collars, the active ingredients are included as a physical part of the collar, allowing them to be diffused over a long period of time – making it much more effective.

The Herbal Repellent Collar is in my opinion one of the safest, most convenient insect repellent options for your pet. The innovative collar is:

  • Veterinarian recommended for large and small dogs, puppies over 4 months old, cats, and kittens
  • Completely toxin-free, using a special blend of highly-effective oils
  • Superior in advanced flea, tick, and mosquito protection for up to 4 months
  • An advanced option for long-lasting pest protection

The Herbal Repellent Collar can be used by itself or in combination with other Mercola Healthy Pets pest repellent products for maximum protection. Give your best friend the protection he needs today!

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Shipping Restrictions:
Due to import restrictions, we are unable to ship this product to Canada and Washington state.

Important Note: Please review the frequently asked questions prior to use. If your pet is sensitive to essential oils or has a medical condition, consult your veterinarian prior to use/application.

    Customer Reviews
    • Customer Reviews


    • Dave H. Verified Buyer
    • 11/20/2020
    • flea collars

      The last two collars I put on my dogs snapped in two within a week. I think the collars are highly effective but as I stated, the last two collars snapped in two and I had to staple and tape them back together in order to use them. Otherwise I have used these for years with good results.

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      • Customer Support

        We would be happy to send you two replacement collars. We are sorry to hear these broke. One of our Customer Care agents will be in touch with you.


    • John H. Verified Buyer
    • 07/04/2020
    • worthless

      Sorry to say it, but these are about as close to worthless as anything I've ever bought for my 3 canines. Five days after putting these on the dogs, one night my pit bull rolled over on her back while lying on the bed, and I counted no less than a dozen fleas running around on her belly. Approximately week after I got these collars, two of them broke right in two and fell off the pit bull, and my coonhound. Really flimsy. Save your money. I thought about asking for a refund, but figured that wouldn't get anywhere.

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    • Rebecca S. Verified Buyer
    • 05/14/2020
    • It Works

      For a few years back I started using these collar on all three of my dogs. Beginning in spring I will put these collars on my dogs. We have a cat that is mainly an outside cat and she gets one, too. We live in the Deep South my dogs are always in and out with these collars we have no flea problems. Usual around the beginning of June the dogs will get the Spot On treatment.

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