Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally: 6 CD Set

Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally

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Imagine reading a book, working at your computer, driving, or doing other daily tasks while seeing clearly without glasses or surgery. This can be and is being accomplished naturally… using vision improvement techniques! Many thousands of people have reduced their prescription or stopped wearing glasses altogether using alternative methods. Nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism, and other conditions are being addressed and can be helped.

Alternative vision improvement is not a medical treatment. It’s more like meditation and yoga. Most people succeed best with a mix of activities, guided visualization, and other techniques to help them absorb these vision principles. The common presumption that your eyes have gotten lazy is backwards. This vision approach suggests your sight is blurry because your eyes strain and work too hard, and your vision will improve as you rediscover seeing in a new way.

Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally teaches you subtleties of the Bates Method, using relaxation, imagination, and guided visualizations to help rebuild trust in your vision without straining to see. The program includes over 60 carefully arranged audio CD tracks to help you understand and feel how to let go of strain in your eyes, so you can succeed. The included 62 page booklet helps you optimize your time, including photos and guidelines for the techniques.

Greg Marsh's varied background (engineering, martial arts, meditation, and study of many holistic health approaches), combined with his encouraging and fun presentation style, will help you absorb essential and often overlooked subtleties of the powerful Bates Method.

Of course, you must wear glasses if you need them, to be safe and legal for driving. And you should have regular eye exams. But if you enjoy taking charge of your health, you may find this vision improvement method to be a rewarding journey beyond the standard realm of glasses, contacts, and laser surgery.

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