Sprout Doctor® Starter Kit

Sprout Doctor® Starter Kit

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We've brought together three key components that make up our Sprout Doctor® Starter Kit to help you successfully grow and maintain your sprouts at home without the frustrations that the process can sometimes bring.

Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor® Soil Enhancement

Your food is only as healthy as the soil in which it is grown, and much can be said about sprouts.

Developed especially for growing sprouts as well as organic vegetable gardens, our Effortless Garden® Sprout Doctor® Soil Enhancement is designed to help you:

  • Grow more vibrant plants, both sprouts and organic vegetables.
  • Reduce the need for watering.
  • Retain soil nutrients longer.
  • Increase the microbial life of your soil.
  • Build and sustain lasting, healthy soil.

We've blended together four unique ingredients that mimic the Earth's natural systems to provide the most beneficial growing conditions:

  • Sustainable Biochar – Provides inorganic carbon that builds soil and acts as a nearly permanent "sponge" to absorb nutrients and water and creates a friendly home for microorganisms.
  • Organic Compost – Provides immediate soil food with organic carbon, building soil tilth and humus. Combined with biochar, its benefits are even more pronounced.
  • Organic Worm Casings – Provides nutrients, enzymes and improves soil structure.
  • Organic Kelp Meal – Adds the slowly dissolving nutritional benefits of ocean plants and helps with nitrogen in the soil.

While not directly adding nutrients, Effortless Garden®Sprout Doctor® Soil Enhancement improves the physical conditions of soil that affects plant growth.

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Effortless Garden® Sprouting Trays

Ready? Get (the) set! Get started! We have the perfect trays for planting your sprouts and shoots. Growing sprouts and shoots in soil is not only easier than using jars, but it produces far more nutritious and abundant food. And it's less time consuming.

With jars, you need to rinse your sprouts several times a day to prevent mold growth. Not so with trays. To yield the same amount of sprouts and shoots that you can grow in one tray, you would need dozens of jars.

Heavyweight and reusable, these thermoformed plastic trays measure 11"W x 21.37"L and 2.44" deep, and they arrive ready for you to fill with our Sprout Doctor® Biochar Blend.

Weighing only slightly more than 5 ounces before filling, these flat trays are sturdy and reliable. Tray tops are perforated with holes on the sides and bottoms to facilitate drainage. They fit perfectly over tray bottoms, which are solid, without holes.

Effortless Garden® Sunflower Shoots

To bring you what I consider the finest in seeds for growing my favorite shoots and sprouts, we’ve partnered with a company tucked away in a small town in Vermont.

Unlike many other seed companies, they are not a distributing company. This farmer-direct company develops, breeds and grows their own seeds. And they’re industry leaders in seed safety for sprouts and shoots.

Founding partners in the Safe Seed Pledge created in 1999 to help protect non-genetically modified seeds, High Mowing Seeds grows only non-GMO, certified organic seeds.

Sunflower seeds are my personal favorite to eat and are among the best for nutrition. When sprouted, you boost their nutrient content by a whopping 300 to 1,200%.

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    • Customer Reviews


    • Eric W. Verified Buyer
    • 07/16/2020
    • maybe a bad batch

      I love the concept, but only about 1% of the seeds sprouted from all three packs, even with meticulous care.

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