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SprouTing Tray Top (10x20): 1 Unit

Sprouting Tray Top

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We have the perfect trays for planting your sprouts and shoots!

Growing sprouts and shoots in soil is not only easier than using jars, but produces far more nutritious and abundant food. And it's less time consuming.

With jars, you need to rinse your sprouts several times a day to prevent mold growth. Not so with trays. To yield the same amount of sprouts and shoots that you can grow in one tray, you would need dozens of jars!

Heavyweight and reusable, these thermoformed plastic trays measure 11"W x 21.37"L and 2.44" deep, and arrive ready for you to fill with our Sprout Doctor Biochar Blend.

Weighing only slightly over 5 ounces before filling, these flat trays are sturdy and durable. Tray tops are perforated with holes on the sides and bottoms to facilitate drainage and help eliminate mold.

Order your trays today and start sprouting!

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