Whole-Food Multivitamin PLUS (240 per bottle): 30-Day Supply

Whole-Food Multivitamin

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  • July 2022

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You have many choices when it comes to multivitamin supplements, and they can vary greatly in quality.

One key way they differ is serving size. A recommended serving size of only one or two pills a day may be a red flag that they don’t contain all the vitamins and minerals you need on a daily basis. Manufacturers may be masters at compressing ingredients but not to that extreme.

And then there are minerals… Many makers of one-a-day vitamins don’t include significant amounts of vital minerals, especially essentials like potassium and magnesium.

Here’s how our high-potency Whole-Food Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals stands apart from the others:

  • Each daily serving supplies more than 2,000 mg of nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Many of the minerals are in chelated form for enhanced absorption.*
  • It provides the biologically active form of folate – L-5-MTHF – that's preferred by your body, as it's the only form that can cross your blood-brain barrier to carry out important brain functions.*
  • It contains more than 50 nutritional ingredients in a special herbal food base, including hard-to-find ingredients like spirulina, red wine proanthocyanidins, citrus bioflavonoids, lycopene, chlorella and trace elements from red seaweed.
  • It contains Dr. Mercola’s special fruit and vegetable blend for extra free radical-fighting antioxidant power, including kale, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, carrot, beet, radish, garlic, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry and apricot.*

Don’t waste your time and money on multivitamin supplements that miss the mark. Go with the multivitamin you can trust for completeness and quality – our Whole-Food Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals. Order your supply today.

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  • Children should not take Multivitamin PLUS. They have been designed specifically for adult needs. For a Children's alternative, see my specially formulated Children's Chewable Multivitamin

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Customer Reviews
  • Customer Reviews


  • Ryan B. Verified Buyer
  • 08/03/2021
  • Pills too large

    The pills are too large to swallow. You already have to swallow 8 per day, might as well make it 12 and have them be a more manageable size. Judging by other reviews I'm not the only one. Unfortunately, I won't be buying again until they're smaller (hopefully!).

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  • Paul G. Verified Buyer
  • 07/03/2021
  • tablet size answer.

    I too struggled with the size of 1 pill, seemingly sticking sideways sometimes in my throat.....until I discovered that it is actually easier to swallow several at the same time.....they all help each other go down......I find 4 , or even 6 can go down at once......try it.

  • Was This Review helpful? 5    1


  • Chrysanthie S. Verified Buyer
  • 06/16/2021

    A good supplement.

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  • Barbara B. Verified Buyer
  • 05/04/2021
  • Why no K2

    I too am disappointed that there is no K2 included in this formula. I have read Dr. Mercolas articles on the importance of K2 along wit D3. I am aware that K2 can be problematic for some people on blood thinners, but many other multis do include it. In addition, the forms of magnesium included can lead to some digestive problems. Especially if one is taking any other supplements that include magnesium. I would also prefer slightly smaller pills, but I have decided to take them twice a day, which makes it easier. I am still searching for the perfect multi, but despite the stated shortcomings, I have settled on these for now.

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  • Mark O. Verified Buyer
  • 04/30/2021
  • Great product - too large to swallow!

    I have grown to appreciate Dr. Mercola for years now with all the information he puts out with such great documentation as well. I compared and researched many Vitamins and think these are the best - except they are large enough to make me dread taking them. Is there any update on whether or not they will be made smaller or chewable? Thank you for all you are doing!

  • Was This Review helpful? 7    2


  • jeffrey l. Verified Buyer
  • 12/31/2020
  • Make These Tasty-Chewable, please!

    Yes, I agree with the other reviewers who say these are too large to swallow, and are not pleasant-chewable, at all...So please consider making these great multivitamins half the size, but even much better—tasty-chewable. Yes, Chewable, without any type of sweetener, not even zero calorie sweeteners—which also trigger unwanted insulin responses. Thank you.

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  • John-michael D. Verified Buyer
  • 09/06/2020
  • Eat with food

    I agree with others regarding size, but I can get these down easily if I eat with other food (fully chew food, then pop one in before you swallow, follow with a little liquid if necessary ). Goes down real easy, and most likely improves bioavailability.

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  • Darryl L. Verified Buyer
  • 06/17/2020
  • Size a problem

    I would like to use these more, however the physical size is a problem for me to swallow. I would be happy to take more, smaller tablets. Crushing or breaking them is not practical for me.

  • Was This Review helpful? 4    1


  • Lori L. Verified Buyer
  • 06/06/2020
  • Hard to Swallow

    Is there any chance of making these easier to swallow? My husband won't take them anymore because of that.

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    • Customer Support

      Please feel free to break the tablets in half or use a mortar if size is an issue.


  • robert h. Verified Buyer
  • 05/06/2020
  • The best one on the Market

    I would not trust anyone more to supply me with this product except Dr. Mercola. Please read the label and it's contents, now who could you trust with all of that? This is probably one of the most DIFFICULT items to buy. Yo , Doc .... You kick ass in a really polite way.

  • Was This Review helpful? 17    0


  • Lori K. Verified Buyer
  • 04/20/2020
  • Disappointed

    As a clinical pharmacist mired in traditional, allopathic medicine, I really do appreciate Dr. Mercola's articles on health/wellness/supplements. I've purchased many products in the past, but was disappointed in this purchase. I was planning on giving this to someone until I realized that this vitamin supplement does not contain vitamin K2 even though it provides a robust dose of cholecalciferol. (There was an article written by Dr. Mercola that espoused the importance of K2 with vitamin D (and calcium) supplementation to minimize the risk of vascular calcification.) I'm disappointed that vitamin K2 is not a component of this supplement.

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  • Ivan P. Verified Buyer
  • 03/31/2020

    I'm always on the lookout for good supplements, after purchasing these vitamins I have no doubt that the quality of these products are top of the line. Even though these pills at times they are big, but their content of minerals and other goodies they are worth it. I trust Mercola Brand, I hope they never change their ways.

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  • JIMMY A. Verified Buyer
  • 12/17/2019
  • Whole Food Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals

    Excellent product. Best multivitamin on the market.

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  • Dan M. Verified Buyer
  • 11/28/2019
  • WARNING: Reproductive Harm

    My whole-food multivitamins plus arrived with an additional small sticker placed on the jar: 'WARNING: Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov'. Who would sell a multivitamin that could HARM you and think by placing a tiny sticker would make it morally OK? It didn't come with any literature, and I can't find any additional information on Mercola web site. Why is it not available? What does that say about the integrity of the people running this company? (Proposition 65 requires businesses to provide warnings to California about SIGNIFICANT EXPOSURES to chemicals that cause cancer , birth defects or other reproductive harm. These chemicals can be in the products that Californians purchase, in their homes or workplaces, or that are released into the environment. By requiring that this information be provided, Proposition 65 enables Californians to make informed decisions about their exposures to these chemicals.)

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    • Customer Support

      We thank you for your review on the Whole-Food Multivitamin PLUS! Due to Prop 65 regulations, we are required to put a sticker on the label that says that lead can cause birth defects or other reproductive harm on any products that have a certain (albeit very small amount) of lead in them. Our Multivitamin Plus Vital Minerals contains naturally-occurring lead that is found in low amounts in some of the whole foods we use in the supplement. Lead is naturally present in soil, and as such it can accumulate in certain plants. Dr. Mercola is aware of this, but feels that the benefits that can be gained from taking our multivitamin far outweigh any risk associated with the minute amounts of lead in the product. Additionally, if we were to process our multivitamin differently to remove these trace amounts of lead we would also remove any health benefits as it would destroy the nutrient content of our vitamins.


  • Michael P. Verified Buyer
  • 11/11/2019
  • Whole Food Multivitamin

    Whatever the ‘swallowability’/‘chewability’ of this product it’s still the best available on the market....

  • Was This Review helpful? 18    2