Product Badge Glossary

Product Badge Glossary

GMO-Free — We guarantee all of our products to be free of genetically engineered ingredients.

Dr. Mercola is a leader in the fight against the use of genetically modified or engineered foods. Dr. Mercola has supported multiple anti-GMO campaigns and has pushed for state’s rights. Genetically modified or GMO foods have not been proven safe to scientific standards – these include published peer-reviewed scientific studies held to accepted standards for safety and toxicology.

We work meticulously to ensure that all ingredients in our products do not contain genetically engineered components and are free of genetically modified DNA. We do not use ingredients, which in themselves may be non-GMO, but have been produced by genetically engineered bacteria. We ensure this through rigorous checking, vendor audits, testing and by using identity preserved ingredients. We specifically select organic ingredients when these are available.

Unfortunately, given the ubiquitous nature of GMOs in our food supply today, there is no fool-proof process. But be assured that we work very hard to ensure that our products are not inadvertently contaminated with GMOs.

We provide our GMO-free badge as an indication that this product has gone through this rigorous process.

Although we support The Non-GMO Project, we do not believe that GMO-free foods should be labeled as such. Instead, we believe that foods containing GMOs should be labeled as they are the foods that have been modified using genetic engineering technology. Thus we do not certify our products with a Non-GMO label.

Soy-Free — We avoid soy whenever possible because it is almost always genetically modified and can affect the hormonal system.

We prefer not to use soy or ingredients derived from soy for two reasons:

  1. Soy is a phyto-prohormone (plant-derived with hormone-like properties). Many people, especially women, are affected by soy. We do not use ingredients derived from soy to avoid any effects.
  2. 95% of the soy in the U.S. is genetically modified (GMO). So the availability of non-GMO soy is limited.

In some cases, soy is used as a medium for the growth of probiotics and other nutrients. We try to avoid the use of these ingredients. In the cases where soy is used, we ensure that our products are free of soy protein/soy DNA. This ensures that the protein, which is the part of the soy with hormonal potential activity, is absent.

Gluten-Free — We guarantee this product to be free of gluten protein.

We do not use grains containing gluten in these products. Our gluten-free products meet the regulatory requirements for Gluten-Free labeling. The regulatory requirements for gluten-free can be found here:

USDA Organic — This product is Certified USDA Organic, which means the ingredients are non-GMO and are grown under organic standards without harmful chemicals.

When you see this badge, this means that this product is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Certified Organic to the NOP (National Organic Program) Standards. All ingredients in the product go through a rigorous 3rd party certification process. All agricultural produce is farmed under organic agricultural practices. The product is made at a facility that has been certified for organic production. You can find out more information on the organic regulations here:

GOTS Organic — This product is certified GOTS Organic, which is the universally recognized organic standard for textiles.

GOTS is the Global Organic Textile Standard. Products with this badge conform to these standards. Products are certified to GOTS by 3rd party certifiers. You can find more information on this standard here:

Fair Trade — This product is fair trade and meets standards that help secure the rights of marginalized workers and producers in developing countries.

Our products that are declared Fair Trade are grown, processed and traded out of concern and respect for people and for our planet. There are many different Fair Trade certifications and each one is slightly different. But in general, our Fair Trade statement means that attention has been placed on social, environmental and economic standards for the people that produce these products and for the land on which they are grown. Many Fair Trade standards also include programs to give back to communities and help them develop for their futures, so these go beyond just the meaning for specific products.