Company History

Mercola Premium Products Company History

As a physician, between 1985 and 2013, I treated more than 20,000 patients at my private wellness clinic in Schaumburg, IL. My desire has always been to be at the forefront of research and practical applications of the natural functions of medicine.

In the mid-1990s, I started to notice a shift as my newsletter readers started to inquire rather frequently as to where they could find trusted, quality products that they could apply to the health regimens they were reading about in the information I provided. It was at that time, I realized I didn’t have many recommendations! I was setting some pretty high standards when it came to evaluating natural health supplements and products because I knew just how important the right ingredients and sustainability was.

So knowing that I could not proceed and do this all by myself, I did a ton of research and began working with some top manufacturers and started to develop my own line of premium supplements and healthy lifestyle products. This would give my readers, and the public in general, a chance to put their education to good use and take control of their health. So I started building a staff in Hoffman Estates, IL, putting all the pieces together to support these efforts. With the right people, I built a research and development team that was in tune with all the current issues and trends in natural health. I then brought in other necessary components of a successful company like top-notch customer service. As the result of all these time-consuming initiatives, plus starting to add on healthy lifestyle products, I left my private practice to focus on my company where I knew I could help more people, even internationally, with this new structured organization. I knew that we could be successful. My vision came to fruition and Dr. Mercola Premium Products was born.

My company has come a long way since 1997 from a small website to share the latest developments in natural health with the world beyond my medical practice. Mercola Premium Products offers items that are extensively researched, developed and vetted by myself and my team based on decades of personal scientific findings, design and innovative formulas for best performance. All products feature unique, effective technologies that can truly benefit your health. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be selling any of them. Plus, they lack the potentially harmful fillers and additives that you’ll find in many supplements on the market today, and I see to that personally.

Because of my dedication to quality, the utmost care is taken to provide you with premium vitamins and supplements and lifestyle enhancing products for every member of your family, even your pets. You can also find products to establish and maintain a healthy home environment, both indoors and outdoors. Through our tireless research and development, my team and I will continue to add to the product line as we stay on top of research trends and feedback from our customers.

Introducing Mercola Healthy Pets

Around 2007, I wanted to develop and produce a comprehensive natural health product line for pets. For a little over two years I searched to bring on a holistic veterinarian who shared the same principles and philosophies on natural health that I have. In November of 2009, I reached out to Dr. Karen Becker. I was impressed with her 20 years of veterinary experience, plus the research of creating protocols for pet products that integrated human-grade ingredients. So with our like-minded mission and purpose, Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets was born. Our canine, feline, and even some other of our pet companions can be treated with some of the same heath regimens as humans, with supplements like probiotics and vitamin B just to name a couple, to take control of their health.

Seeking to Reach a Global Community

It has always been my goal to proactively preserve and enhance the health of the global community, so a portion of the profits generated from the sale of our products goes towards health activism and organizations we have supported since day one—all of which are dedicated to protecting your freedom to take control of your health.

For the last two decades, I have proudly stood for your overall well-being and helped to create a healthier, more informed world. I am dedicated to giving back to the community, which has so graciously supported my efforts. I work hard in promoting my mission though my daily newsletter and through Dr. Mercola Premium Products. As a result, I’ve partnered with and contributed charitable donations to key organizations that educate the public on important health, food safety, and informed consent issues.

The partner organizations that Dr. Becker and I support share a rich history of advocacy and active campaigning for positive change. I continue to be excited about all the initiatives and progress we are making in these areas.

Health Liberty Coalition Partners

An outgrowth of our work with these institutions has been the formation of Health Liberty, a non-profit coalition that strives to help protect every American’s right to make voluntary and informed health choices. Health Liberty is comprised of the following organizations:

  • National Vaccine Information Center
  • Food Democracy Now
  • Consumers for Dental Choice
  • Fluoride Action Network
  • Institute for Responsible Technology
  • Organic Consumers Association

Visit our site often so you can learn more about these great organizations and how you can support their efforts as well. There’s something for everyone to get behind to make the world a healthier place.

Keeping the Vision Strong

Today, Dr. Mercola Premium Products helps people all over the world by offering over 500 life-enhancing products that help people and their pets take control of their health. Mercola is consistently one of the top visited sites for natural health products and continues to be a premier source of natural health information.

Everyone at Dr. Mercola Premium Products continues to look forward to a very bright future as our company stays on the cutting edge of research and product development to help everyone be proactive regarding their health and the health of their loved ones. There has never been a better time than now to Take Control of Your Health.