Autoship Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I schedule an Autoship order for any Mercola product?
Most products are available for Autoship. Any product that allows you to enter the Autoship Frequency during the checkout process is available through the Autoship Program. Generally, all consumable or replenishable items like supplements, vitamins, personal care items, and filter cartridges are eligible for the convenience of Autoship!

How do I create an Autoship order?
Autoship orders may be created in a variety of ways! Visit our store at and you'll see autoship options on all eligible product pages and during your checkout process. You can also edit your autoship from the My Account area of our store.

Can I bundle my Autoship order? Say, I get Curcumin Advanced, I want a 3-pack shipped every 3 months.
Not only can you bundle your order, but, besides getting the convenience of Autoship, you’ll save big when buying a multipack vs. a single bottle. And of course, fewer shipments means lower shipping costs!

Whoa! Wait. What if I get 6 months' worth of product? Won't it expire?
That should not happen! Our products are generally good for up to 2 years, and they all contain expiration dates or manufacturer dates on them. Besides, because of high demand, they literally fly off the shelves! As soon as they get to our warehouse, they ship well before they even come close to expiring. If you ever do find yourself with an expired product, our friendly CSRs will help you exchange your product.

If I place a new order and activate Autoship, do my items ship now, or at the scheduled time, or both?
Your items will be shipped immediately for the order you just placed, and your future items will be automatically shipped to you at the interval you selected.

Is it ok if some of the items in my order are not available for Autoship?
Yes! An Autoship order item can be shipped with other non-Autoship items in your first order. Your Autoship items will continue to ship to you at the interval you selected.

What payment type is accepted for an Autoship order?
At this time, we only accept credit cards for Autoship orders. Unfortunately, Autoship orders cannot be placed using Bill Me Later, PayPal, check, echeck, or money order.

How long do I have to modify or cancel my next Autoship order?
Modifications to the shipment or cancellations must be made at least 2 days before the order is placed.

If I'm not ready for my next Autoship order, can I skip it?
Yes, under the Autoship Management section, you may choose to skip the next shipment and it will not be shipped for that month. You can even set the date when you want the order to start shipping again.

I am ready for my next order now; can I have it ship sooner?
Yes, you are able to select Send Right Now and the order will ship out now! Plus, you can adjust your next order shipment to meet your new schedule.

Will my future Autoship orders be taxed?
Sales tax, if applicable, will be applied to each Autoship order.

How much is the shipping charge on Autoship orders?
Your initial order will be charged the original shipping rate you selected. All subsequent orders will be shipped using the same shipping method you selected on your initial order. If you wish to change your Autoship order's shipping method, navigate to the My Account > Autoship Management page and choose the Update Shipping Info button. Or you may contact Customer Service at (877) 985-2695 (U.S. only) or (239)599-9500 (Outside the U.S.).

How does my Autoship order get paid?
When placing an Autoship order, you authorize to charge your credit card for subsequent Autoship orders until, or unless you cancel your Autoship order. Unless you modify the information, the credit card used to create the initial Autoship account will be charged for subsequent orders. Subsequent orders will be charged the day the order is placed and forwarded to the warehouse for processing.

What if my credit card is declined?
If your credit card is declined when your Autoship order is placed, you will be notified that your Autoship payment has failed and you will need to update your credit card information accordingly. Once your payment information has been corrected, your Autoship order will be placed.

Am I able to add out-of-stock item(s) to a subscription and then have them shipped when they're in stock?
No, we are only able to fulfill orders for items that are in stock at the time the order is placed.

What happens if an Autoship item is on backorder?
The backordered Autoship item will be skipped and shipped on the next shipment date. You can modify or cancel your Autoship order for a backordered item at any time before we process the order. You will not be charged for items that do not ship.

Will I receive an email when my next Autoship order is shipped?
Yes! An order confirmation email will be sent every time an Autoship order is processed and shipped.

What happens if an Autoship item is discontinued?
If an item is discontinued, it will be removed automatically from all Autoship orders containing the discontinued item. You will be notified via email of the discontinued item and given a choice of replacement products to add to your Autoship order. If you have other items in your Autoship order, they will continue to be shipped on the schedule you specified when you created the initial Autoship order.

What happens if the manufacturer changes the size/quantity of my Autoship item?
If a manufacturer modifies the container size of its product (for example, increasing the quantity from 30 to 60 capsules per bottle), your Autoship order's quantity and ordered item will be automatically adjusted to the original order quantity. This new adjustment will continue unless you choose to cancel it. If the manufacturer assigns a new UPC number to the altered product and discontinues the original product, then Autoship orders for the product will be cancelled automatically.

What if the manufacturer changes the formula of my Autoship item? is committed to providing the best quality products. Our team is continually monitoring our products' effectiveness. As such, formulas are updated as necessary to provide you with optimum results, which may result in a product adjustment. For formula modifications, if the volume of any active ingredient is increased or decreased by less than 25%, your Autoship orders for the product will continue unless you choose to remove this item from your Autoship order. If the volume of any active ingredient is increased or decreased by more than 25%, we will notify you before your next scheduled Autoship order date and allow you the opportunity to opt out of subsequent shipments.

Will my pricing fluctuate?
The items in your Autoship subscription are based on your current customer class price. You may qualify for discounts like our Loyalty program or certain promotions that are active, when your Autoship order is processed. 

If your order is being shipped by DHL, customers shipping orders to Canada pay their Customs' fees during the checkout process. Shipments to Canada are duty free, so there are no duty fees. Customs fees may fluctuate from time to time.

If I am a Wholesale or International buyer, am I eligible for Autoship?
We are unable to make Autoship available to wholesale and international customers at this time.