About Dr. Becker

About Dr. Becker
About Dr. Becker

Most veterinary medicine today is reactive to a condition, disease or illness. The illness occurs, and there’s an attempt to treat it with drugs and/or surgery. Instead, Dr. Becker believes in a proactive approach, working to prevent illness before it attacks.

“My goal is not just to identify the root causes of disease and degeneration in pets but to prevent the body from breaking by taking a proactive stance towards intentionally creating vibrant, thriving animals.”
– Dr. Becker

She founded the first proactive animal hospital in the Chicago area in 1999, opened an exotic animal hospital in 2001, and a rehabilitation and pain management clinic in 2011. Today, she helps millions of pets worldwide achieve abundant health by

Dr. Mercola

offering the most up-to-date information on species-appropriate nutrition, lifestyle choices and proactive living.

Dr. Mercola wanted to develop and produce a comprehensive product line for pets. For over two years, he searched to bring on a holistic veterinarian who shared the same principles and philosophies on natural health that he has.

In November of 2009, Dr. Mercola reached out to Dr. Becker, and with their like-minded mission and purpose, the partnership was born.


  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point majoring in Wildlife and International Resource Management, 1989
  • International Veterinary Acupuncture Society's certification course in Houston, TX, 1996
  • Iowa State School of Veterinary Medicine, 1997
  • Exotic animal internship in California, 1997
  • Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy's certification course in Virginia, 1998
  • Canine Rehabilitation Institute, 2013